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(Breaking post order due to being kept waiting a week. Seriously, people!)

More people. Wasn't it always the way? Even if George happened to spot a killer in this crowd, the sheer density of folks would make any attempt to attack them nigh on suicide. Best just to back out now, before he got in over his head.

But this encounter wasn't a total waste. As he drew himself away, George set about acquiring large rocks of similar size to his first one for use in later encounters. Just a dozen of them increased the weight of his pack significantly, but he knew that they'd be worth it if he ever got into a fight. Goodness knows, the kids packing assault rifles were probably feeling the strain of their packs around this point in the game. George was lucky to get a lightweight wallet, as he was still feeling relatively fresh.

And so, despite having accomplished not much of anything, the wannabe adventurer still felt somewhat high-spirited about his new mission. He'd find someone who was alone and evil, and he'd be certain to put them out of their misery, thanks to this new weapon of his. The plan had not been altered in the slightest. He just hoped that he wouldn't have to depend on rocks for the entire game, that's all.

(George Leidman continued elsewhere)
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