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Never thought I'd be happy to be on Survival of the Fittest. Urgh, that's fucked up, even thinking that's fucked up, but how would this've ever happened back home? Yeah, exactly, it wouldn't have, except in the like point-zero-zero-one percent chance it did happen we probably wouldn't be dying in the near future which...would be nice. That'd be, like, an overdose of win, having this AND not having the sword of Damocles hanging over my head, that would be awesome and that's not even a working analogy and now I'm gonna have Rocky Horror songs stuck in my head for the rest of the night-

Hayley kind of wished she had a way to turn off her brain's running commentary, because it was kind of ruining her mood, or at least it would be ruining her mood if her mood wasn't so unruinable I make up the greatest words, I don't even know how I do it. As it were, she was quite...content was the wrong word, content sounded sleepy and boring, fucking awesome sounded better but would sound weird in that sentence but whatever. She was quite fucking awesome, yes she was, and suddenly she felt sand digging into her back and felt Ema, her favorite person in the universe at the moment, climb on top of her, and if she'd thought everything was perfect before, well, she really needed to stop thinking things couldn't get any better.

Was I this awesome my first time? I must've been, cause I'm me, but holy shit-

And then her brain wasn't really a thing anymore. Her hands had at some point grabbed Ema's waist and her grip tightened now, a perfect mirror of Ema minutes before. Her mouth on Ema's neck stopped what it was doing mainly because it was hard for her mouth to concentrate can mouths concentrate? on anything but the sounds it was making, which were as loud as they'd ever been. Really, she didn't want this to be over, returning to the real world was a terrifying prospect, but her body was betraying her, she was rapidly losing the ability to breathe in a way that made sense, annngh-

She collapsed, insofar as it's possible to collapse when you're already on the ground, and she felt the aftershocks tremble through her as Ema's hand slowed and eventually, far too quickly, stopped, and for a little while Hayley's world stopped with it. Her breath came in gasps, her arms wrapped around the girl above her, and everything was beautiful and nothing hurt. Again.

Nothing good lasts forever, though, not here. Especially not here.

God, she was exhausted. There was a fatigue in her bones that she'd been distracted from so completely that it came as a surprise to her now. She was beyond happy, but her body cried out for rest.

I can sleep when I'm dead...heh, won't have to wait too-shhhhhhhhhh no stop no one's dying everything is gorgeous

And somehow she was back with her head in the game. That wasn't fair, she deserved at least a few minutes of uninterrupted happiness- what, was she sobering up? yeah, that had to be it- but wait, no, she didn't deserve that at all. She didn't deserve any of this, she'd known that from the beginning. This was a big stupid distraction from the inevitable but still, looking up at Ema's face made a small smile form on her lips. Long as she ignored her stupid brain, she could be happy. Hayley could do that, she'd been ignoring her stupid brain for years.

Her voice was hardly even a whisper. "I..."

Say I love you and I will fucking kill you.


Jesus fucking Christ, use your words, woman!
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