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Melissa stiffened as she first felt Jennifer's arms around her in a gentle hug, but she began to relax when she heard Jennifer's shaky reassurances enter her ears. Melissa began to laugh...a helpless, sad laugh, but a laugh nonetheless as she wiped away the last of her tears and allowed Jennifer to comfort her. She fell silent, enjoying the comfort of the embrace and letting the silence surround her...until a hiccup broke it.

A hand flew to her mouth as another hiccup came after and she began to giggle, an embarrassed blush appearing on her cheeks as she quickly reached for a bottle of water. "S-Sorry...*hic* I guess it's cause I was *hic* crying so much. Hahaha..."

She unscrewed the cap and began to drink, hoping to somehow drown out the hiccups. After draining maybe a third of the bottle, she put it away and took a few deep breaths. No hiccups yet. It seemed to work, so Melissa put the water bottle aside as she separated herself from Jennifer. She looked away, still a little flustered from her whole ranting and crying spree. "Sorry about that I guess...I guess I just got kind of frustrated. I'm...I'm really lucky to have you here with me, you know. Hah...I'm really glad I met you outside that cinema."

She fell silent, her gaze focused on the ground as she fiddled with the bottom of her shirt. "Hey...Jennifer, what do you think is gonna happen to us? Do you think we have a chance to live? I mean...look at us. We have a sword and an icepick and...I know neither of us wants to kill anyone. But...what if it becomes necessary? What if someone like...like Maxwell comes after us?"

"What are you going to do, Jennifer?" Melissa said softly. "I...I would fight. I know that...I would fight him and I wouldn't...feel an ounce of regret if I had to kill him. People who kill like him...indiscriminately and without reason beyond their own selfish goals and desires? They...they aren't people anymore. They're monsters..." Her hands tightened into fists. "They're monsters who think only of themselves...do they think they'll come home heroes? People are watching us. Watching them. Everyone knows...and frankly..."

She gulped and shook her head. "The worst thing is...I don't think they care anymore. Why do people even watch this dumb...dumb thing? Maybe it's like...other reality shows or stuff like that. People can take happiness knowing that out there...there are people who are in a worse situation than they are. It's sick if you think about it that way...the human spirit that allows it to just...not give a damn anymore."

She chuckled. "I...um...read somewhere. On the internet when we were back at Bayview. That people...as we are, we can only care about so many people in our lives...that beyond that limit, people just become another blank face. They called it uh...what was it? The Monkeysphere or something? It...it was a nice article. I liked reading it. But I doubt anyone at home watching really cares right now, huh? And they're okay with that..."

"But um...back...back to the point." Melissa sighed and raised a trembling hand to her hair, brushing it back a bit. "I...don't want to die. But if someone...if someone tries to kill me just because they think they need to in order to escape then...then screw that. I'm not going to lie down and die. I decided that when I saw Sebastian kill Kayla in front of my eyes...that if I was in that situation, I would do the same thing Felicia did. I'd fight...and I might even kill to protect myself."

"And...I don't want to have to ask you this...but I hope you'd do the same." She mumbled. "I want to survive. I want you to survive. I want my friends to survive...I'll do whatever it takes to achieve those goals...without mindlessly killing."

She looked helplessly at Jennifer. "Do...Does that make me a bad person? Am I a hypocrite? Is something like that even possible in this?"

"Heh...you probably think I'm crazy for talking about all this gloomy and depressing stuff...I'm sorry. If...if you want me to leave..."

Melissa felt miserable. After Jennifer was nice enough to try to reassure her and cheer things up, she had decided to go ahead and mess that all up by continuing to talk and probably say things that made Jennifer hate her. Well, as things stood...at least it couldn't get worse.


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