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Oh my god you guys The Riz killed Cara what do!?
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Getting some movement back was more difficult than Ema had anticipated. She was used to a brief period, a few seconds at most, of being stuck in that pleasant but mostly-immobile fugue, but it always wore off quickly by itself, or quicker with focus. This time, however, no matter how concerted an effort she put into snapping herself out of it, Ema was having trouble working motion back into her muscles. And Hayley seemed to be moving. A bleary-eyed glance showed a contemplative look on the other girl's face; trying to decide how best to proceed with Ema rather uselessly limp as she was.

Oh no you don't.

No, Ema wasn't about to leave her high and dry after all that. The weak shuffling of her wrist strengthened considerably, working its way back up to the pace it had been at beforehand, slowly but surely. That put an end to Hayley's plans to leave, and with somewhat clearer vision, Ema could tell the effect was as strong as ever. Not that she saw the other girl's face for very long, as it was soon buried in the side of her neck. A familiar feeling among all the new experience, pleasantly so. She took comfort in the familiarity, and sped up further.

She soon realised, laying in Hayley's arms, that This is... a lot more comfortable now. She'd done just about everything she'd been too afraid of trying during the months of their original relationship, and while it had been awkward at first, it hadn't been nearly as bad as she'd been worried it would. Quite the opposite, the positives, predictably, far outweighed the few negatives of the experience. Ema was okay with it all. Well, might as well run with it.

So run with it the girl did. Before, she would've been petrified of messing up and looking like an idiot, but - as she kept reminding herself - she was okay with this now. She moved her hands, wrapping one arm around Hayley's shoulders and the other around her hips, and rolled. The plan had been to land above her, hands and knees on either side of Hayley's body, but Ema's head wasn't quite clear enough for that to work out. So she came to a stop exactly as she'd started, just on top of Hayley and with her arms trapped underneath. But she extracted them fairly quickly, trying to play it off as intentional, and got back to what she'd been doing, moving her mouth down to Hayley's chest once again to add to the stimulation. She'd been made to feel incredibly good, and Ema wanted very much to make sure she didn't disappoint. To that end, she had a strong urge to shift her head further down, to replace her hand, but she relented, not quite ready. Still, it was a very appealing thought... Maybe later, if there is one.
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Soon you will be nothing, you will never again hear sounds, never again see colours, never again be anyone.

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