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Now this was how you did a negotiation. Silence, lots of staring and making really serious faces at each other. It was probably how they did it at the UN too. They would probably talk to each other at some point or something maybe, but right now the most important part was the grim staring. But no problem there, Alice had that down pat. She was practically the master of looking grim and/or moody. She guessed that it didn't really expedite the sharing of information or pleasantries, but whatever. It all boiled down to whichever side didn't have all day to stand around. Alice didn't know about those other two, but she wasn't exactly eager to meet up with Aaron and his group.

She would just wait for Bounce to do the talking. If it was mediation, it was on Bounce. If it was dissuading conflict, it was Alice. They had a system. Of course, judging by the rock, someone didn't want to wait for the talking to start. Her first instinct was to protect Bounce. That was, after all, her number 1 priority. Considering Vic was gone, Bounce was all she had left. That meant that Bounce was all that mattered. Alice shifted, so that she more facing the direction the rock had come from than Roland and Dutchy. It was possible that this was all a trick to divert attention and let Roland get close with that harpoon of his, but it wasn't very likely

Considering that, her eyes scanned the direction the rock had come from. Chances were good that whoever had thrown it was hiding in the bushes. Not that she could see anyone, but there hadn't been a flurry of movement to accompany someone retreating. She wished she had her revolver. Then Roland wouldn't be an issue, nor would whoever was hiding up in the bushes.

Roland was talking, angry and annoyed, but Alice didn't pay him much attention. Instead, her eyes didn't leave the location she thought was the rocks origin. She nodded toward the spot she thought was the right one. "Up there." She glanced at Roland and Dutchy, pausing on the latter as he started to panic. She felt a quick pang of sympathy for the guy, but just as quickly ignored it. It conjured to mind unfortunate comparisons between the two groups, of Alice and Roland, Bounce and Dutchy, But Bounce was uninjured, nor was she any type of weak link. Any other musing would have to wait, of course. Someone was still out there, watching them. She looked back to the bushes, her eyes straining for the slightest movement.
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