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N-Nopony! Ah was talkin' to nopony whatsoever!
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Well, they had finally noticed her. She heard some kind of shuffling, and from what she could see, Brendan was shuffling backwards on all fours, like some kind of wretch, some kind of bug fleeing from the foot that was about to stomp it dead. Even without being able to discern his facial features, Jackie could tell. He was mortified. Words couldn't describe what Brendan was feeling right now. But Jackie could empathize. The poor boy was about to be labeled a murderer, and shunned by every single person he once held dear.

"Stay there. Don't move."

She was more than happy to oblige. The damage had been done, and it truly looked like Peter was in control of the situation. He was trying to assess what went wrong, trying to keep things calm... Of course she would at least be treated with suspicion and disdain, everyone on the island knew what she had done. Just like in a few hours, everyone would know what Brendan had done.

"Do you have any fucking idea what you've done? You did this. You shot him, because he sure as hell didn't shoot himself in the leg. So I'm gonna give you one fucking chance to explain your fucking self."

That seemed a little harsh. She tried to rationalize it, Peter was trying to give him a good wake up slap, because Brendan hadn't said a single word yet. He was still huddled against the opposing cave wall, shaking like a leaf. She could hear his labored, pained breathing, and she could have sworn she heard a sob as Peter's tirade continued.

"You're fucking pathetic, you know Brendan? You shoot somebody to death. Your first kill, if I recall correctly. You had this gun, and you either know how to use it or you're a fucking idiot and should never be allowed to have one. I'd have thought you could fucking handle what this all comes to mean. For God's sake, it's been a fucking week. But no, you're just going to sit there being useless and pathetic. You can't even fucking man up and accept the responsibility of what you just fucking did."

He doesn't need this right now.

But what can I do? He's just trying to he-No. Listen to his voice, or are you that socially inept? He's mad, not trying to give him a wake up call. I can hear your thoughts, I know your rationalizations, and am quite intimate with their fallacies.

Back and forth they went, until one sentence gave Cassarah the proverbial middle finger, Jackie essentially screaming 'shut your face' so that she could just listen to that one beautiful phrase akin to what she had wanted to hear for the entire time she was on the island.

"...innocent person would be dead. Like Jackie back there."

An audible gasp came from her as she shook her head in disbelief. Innocent? No... That's not what she was looking for. She was far from innocent... In fact, she would deserve 'Hunt's' fate more than she could ever have imagined another person could. Well... Except for Maxwell. Maxwell deserved to die much more than she did, that's one point that Cassarah had been working off of throughout their conversations over the past week.

"So tell me: why shouldn't I just shoot you right now?"

He's not right in the head.

She shook her head wildly, her hair still flying free whipping through the air, coming to rest all about, shrouding her view even more than the inky black of the tunnels did in the first place. Even though she knew she didn't deserve it, she still relished the little unintentional compliment. She clung to it like a little puppy.

B-But he likes me.

Do NOT tell me that you are... No. You will not side where you wish to. So weak... Must I do everything myself?

That rush, that switch of power. Her limbs suddenly felt lifeless, yet they were directly in front of her face, pulling back her hair, roughly shedding it from her eyes...

"Peter. He doesn't need this right now." It still sounded like Jackie, just as with Li before her. But the voice was somehow different, and it was obvious Cassarah wasn't trying to hide it at all. "Look at him. It's obvious it was an accident. Why are you doing this to him?"

Jackie cringed and groaned inside of her own mind. She really wasn't anything but the puppet to these puppet-masters. She couldn't do a damn thing that she wanted anymore. She had just wanted to stay here silently. Avoid conflict, let it work itself out. She had respite for once.

She felt her body drop to it's knees, not five feet from Brendan and Peter, looking on at the shadowy figures that were so animated against the same-colored backdrop.

Jackie expected Cassarah to say something else, to fuck it up worse. To make an enemy where there was none. But instead, silence rained. She was waiting for Brendan's explanation on just as bated breath as Peter was. But for different reasons. The right reasons, Jackie.

Oh dear fucking Christ no...
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