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Hayley could live here forever. Here as in this moment, if that made any sense, not that making sense was her priority, not ever and especially not while getting laid like a fucking boss. She kind of wished she wasn't so drunk, because the alcohol basically guaranteed that the details of this would be iffy in the morning. She really wanted this all properly imprinted in her brain. It was all gorgeous motivation was what it was, honest; it was a reminder of what she was trying to save. As completely immature and lame as that was- this is what it was like, being alive, and she was so not willing to let it go for anything. Of course, these were the last days of her life where things could be quite like this. Even if she won, even if she obliterated the odds and got her ass home, Ema wouldn't be there with her. And then she was grateful for the alcohol again, since it let that thought slip her mind.

Back to important things, like, yeah, that getting laid like a fucking boss bit, that bit that was getting louder by the second, not that Hayley was exactly complaining- there'd been a shift, an invisible line that Ema had pretty clearly crossed over, and she was maybe the slightest bit jealous that she wasn't there yet but fuck it, this wasn't a time for jealousy, this is a time for action. She concentrated, keeping her mouth as attached as she possibly could to Ema's, her fingers were already moving as fast as they could, not much she could do but do but wait, anticipating, feeling Ema tighten her grip on her, tensing up, and then-

She never could quite get over how climax felt from the inside.

Her hand slowed to a gradual stop as Ema went limp, completely spent, beneath her. She couldn't help but smile at Ema's sleepy face, giving her a small kiss on the forehead and stroking her hair. Wishing there was something fabric within a five foot radius, she settled for wiping her newly-free hand on her leg, figuring she was gonna need to pop back in the water to rinse off later anyway. It didn't take her long to find herself wondering what came next now that Ema was practically unconscious, it seemed like. Going back to the finish-what-she-started plan seemed like the logical course of action, but the problem with the finish-what-she-started plan was that it sucked. If she was very possibly getting laid for the last time, she wanted to get laid properly, dammit. Not that she was gonna wake Ema up to tell her that, that seemed unreasonably bitchy, and she resigned herself to a sad DIY-variety fate when she noticed with some surprise- she'd gotten rather distracted in the last few moments- that Ema's fingers were still where they'd been, though they were no longer moving. She was contemplating exactly how weird it would be to extricate herself, so to speak, when Ema's hand went back into action and removed all ideas of that from her mind.

Hell, it removed most ideas from her mind, except for the idea to move her mouth down to Ema's neck, sucking at the skin there almost frantically as her libido caught back up with her. Oh, it would all be over soon, not that she wanted to even begin to contemplate that. Lots of bodies on the other side of that road. This was much better.
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