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"A funeral?" Well, there went that escape plan. Maddy wasn't too disappointed though, as she probably wouldn't have been able to find land anyway. Still, it seemed a shame to harvest wood from a boat when there were so many good trees to use instead. Perhaps she felt that crafted wood would be easier to use for a cremation or something of that sort, as Maddy couldn't imagine the wood being used to create a coffin or something complicated along those lines.

It was at that point that she noticed that Autumn had a gun of her own. Why she hadn't taken any steps to stop her from drawing it, Maddy didn't know, but it was probably for the best. She was feeling too out of it to try taking someone on in a straight gunfight, especially when she hadn't used it since...

"Well...uh, I can see that you're busy with honoring your friend, so...I guess I'll leave you to it then. Heh..." Maddy didn't turn to walk away, despite her attempts to sound casual. Instead, she backed slowly into the trees, her SMG lowered but still at the ready. Even though she meant no harm with the gun, the threat of violence was usually sufficient to give people second thoughts. Maddy didn't want to die because she'd let her guard down. If she was going to die, she'd make her own funeral pyre, so to speak, rather than letting someone else make a funeral pyre out of ship wood. Though now that she thought of it, Maddy considered that a burial would probably be more respectful...

She forgot where she was going with this analogy. Into the trees, probably, which is where she now found herself, having long ago gone out of eyesight of her new friend. Blinking once or twice, Maddy shrugged and took off, hoping that she'd find someone who wasn't busy with honoring a friend the next time she found somebody.

(Madeleine Smith continued elsewhere)
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