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Ah...It was Nick Reid, then. The one with more kills...although that didn't really make a difference in Melissa's eyes. She gulped, looking at Jennifer seriously as her friend began to explain what had happened in the past. She could feel her heart pounding in her chest as every explanation and rationalization washed over her and when Jennifer was finished, Melissa was left feeling just a bit...dull. It was obvious that Jennifer had trouble saying all of that...one glance was enough to figure that out. But the way she had said it...the way she had stayed with Nick throughout all that had happened. Melissa wasn't sure what to think.

'What am I supposed to say? She isn't a bad person...she just wanted to help someone out, didn't she?' Melissa thought dismally to herself. 'Any good person would lend a helping hand to someone who was suffering, killer or not. Wasn't that what it meant to be a good person? To offer aid regardless of circumstance? To even offer help to someone who you should be afraid of...I can't fault her for that, can I?'

'But he was...he is a killer!' Melissa thought to herself, playing the other side of the argument. 'She knew about that when she first helped him! How do you know she hasn't done anything else? Why does she still stay with him? It's enough to have just helped him once, but now they're traveling together and doing...what? Is he protecting her or something? Trying to use that to atone for his killing? There's no way to atone for murder...'

'I can't paint the two of them with the same brush. Let's pretend that Felicia had somehow killed Kimberly and she told you all about it. Would I condemn her for getting revenge on Aislyn? No...I wouldn't...hell, I might even cheer...' The thought was saddening. 'I need to find out why...I need to talk to Nick Reid. If I can just get the whole picture, maybe I can decide on something for real but for now...I can't...I mean, Jennifer's my friend. And unless something drastically changes, she'll always be. I can't toss that aside just because of a situation that I don't have full grasp on...'

A pit formed in her stomach and she shifted uncomfortably, the silence feeling almost like a blanket that smothered everything else in the area. She had to say something...had to say something to reassure Jennifer and...something. Melissa didn't know. But she had to say something.

"Hey...it's...fine." She managed, a shaky smile on her lips as she tried to put her thoughts into words. Nick was a killer, yes...and apparently one who actually killed for the sake of killing, but...no, Jennifer had faith in him and by extension, Melissa would put a little bit of faith in him. Just a little bit...until she could speak to him face to face and find out...find out what made him tick. Made him do the things he did. It was too much to judge on Danya's words and a few moments of interaction. To condemn him with only that as her information?

No, that was impossible. Isn't that why she had wanted to talk to Peter? To talk to Rob? To find out why they had done the things they had done. She had known them in school...had known they were nice, kind people at Bayview. The only difference was that she didn't know Nick...but Jennifer did and if she had spent as much time with Nick as it seemed then...well, Jennifer's opinion carried heavier weight than her own.

And that was it. The twisting in her chest began to unravel and her smile became a bit more steady. It became easier to talk.

"It's...fine, really. Jen, don't worry about it...I'm not going to do anything stupid or yell at you or anything. I'm not my parents." Melissa began, a choked laugh coming out at the end of the joke. "If you have faith in him...if you think that you can...make him stop killing then..." She nodded. "Then I'll believe that too. I just hope you're right..."

She sighed and shook her head. That...took a lot more energy that she had expected, compacting her disjointed thoughts into words that could properly convey what she thought about the situation. She lifted one finger, a slight, comforting smile on her face as she wagged it in Jennifer's direction. "Don't...don't say that he became a killer because you called him one, though. Don't...don't put his crime on your shoulders, Jennifer. That. I...you know, that will just crush you. Your words may have had an impact, yes, but do you think things would have been so much different if you hadn't said it? I mean...I don't know...but...you shouldn't feel guilty over someone else's actions. In the end, we're the masters of our own destiny...at least we should be, right?"

She let out a short giggle, began rubbing at her eyes as tears began to form at the edges. She didn't even know why she was crying but just saying all that...it was like all the pressure that had built inside of her was bursting out and causing all her emotions to go out of whack. "But...but I hope he manages to find us. I...want to talk to him. Talk to him and talk to Peter and Rob and...just find out why they did what they did. There are so many things I want to talk to about..."

She looked over at the pot, poked the piece of bread that was inside. It was probably dumb trying to toast bread using a camping stove meant for making soup or boiling water, but at least it was kind of warm at the moment. She poked at it and flipped it in the pot. Still soft...not toasty at all. She gave Jennifer a weak smile, trying to change the subject to something more cheery. "Heh...doesn't seem like we're gonna be getting hot toast anytime soon. Danya could have been at least nice enough to give me ramen noodle packs with the stove, right?"
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