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This was the good life. Hayley Kelly was living the goddamn motherfucking good life. Close as you got to the good life on Survival of the Fittest, anyway. Some part of her- that part that was getting smaller and smaller by the second, the part capable of coherent thought- wondered if she'd be any happier if they'd gotten to the mansion and not been so rudely chased out by fucking Liz Polanski. Probably not, she figured, though she might be a little less wet oh jeez you know what I mean brain and a little less sandy. And a little more in that fucking jacuzzi that she was still assuming existed. Yeah, that was the one thing that could make this better, a fucking jacuzzi, but finding a jacuzzi would involving moving and...oh, you know what, fuck the jacuzzi. This was perfect and nothing was gonna convince her otherwise.

Something was moving, and it took her brain a long moment to process that it was in fact Ema's hand and not...urgh, she didn't even know what else it could've been but her brain was molasses and jelly and things right now. Anyway, hand, right, Ema's hand was a thing, and it was movoh, okay, yeah, it was moving exactly where Hayley would want it to be. But now it was hesitating, why was she hesitating, dammit, Hayley got the whole virgin thing and all but really, she'd figured Ema should know what she should be doing right now all things consider-


Wasn't her hand getting tired before? Yeah, it had been, but whatever, fuck that, she could do this all night as long as Ema didn't let up. She felt her moans build in intensity, and volume (please don't let there be anyone in like a mile radius), and fuck, she was so not caring right now that Ema technically didn't know what she was doing because goddammit, this was perfect. Didn't she just say (mentally, obviously) that this was perfect like two minutes ago- well, fuck that, NOW this was perfect, this was fabulous and glorious gloriousity and all those other words that she could make up for this-

"Is this, uh... good?"

Hayley could've kicked her.

Urgh, speaking in sentences, last thing I want to do right now. Hold up, how's she managing it, what am I doing wrong- She redoubled her own efforts, difficult as that was with the distracting influence of Ema's fingers, but she was gonna get the other girl good and incoherent if it was the last thing she did, dammit. She managed something, an affirmative sort of mhm noise before using that hand that was still in the other girl's hair to press a finger to her lips once again. Hoping the message came through loud and clear, telepathically- NO TALKING ALLOWED- she returned her hand to where it was, in Ema's hair, pushing the other girl's mouth onto hers, quieting them both.

Really, hand cramp or no, she could do this forever.
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