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Jennifer began laughing after her dumb little joke and Melissa's smile widened happily. It felt good hearing normal laughter...she couldn't even remember the last time she had heard someone laugh. Certainly not on the way here and definitely not in the infirmary...maybe in the swamp when this game had first started? She couldn't remember. The past couple of days had just melded together in a mix of bittersweet and bad memories and it was beginning to be hard to separate them. 'Genuine, pure laughter...it's like getting a little bit of heaven. ...Hee, that sounds kind of dumb.'

Jennifer continued with the joke, mentioning China Woman's ability to control time and referencing the bus that had contained all of them...heading for their senior class trip. Melissa's smile faltered a bit, the reminder ringing hard in her mind as she fell silent and looked at the ground, running a finger across the ground as she tried to think of something to say. It would have been great to actually...have China Woman exist. To have an actual heroine that could have saved them all from danger...but that's why China Woman was only a joke...a fantasy. Heroes didn't exist. There were no such things as heroes in the world that they lived in now.

Her friend continued on and Melissa nodded in response. "Yeah...I mean...things have been so crazy. It's really...not right at all, you know? How everything is happening...can you imagine that just a little over a week ago we were...just living at St. Paul?"

She let out a depreciating laugh. "...But I'm glad I found you, Jen. Definitely glad to see you haven't changed...this...travesty has messed so many people up that just seeing the normal you is like a blessing."

Melissa dug into her bag and began drawing out some of her rations. Thanks to Aislyn and the leftovers from the infirmary, she still had quite a few snacks left at her disposal. She took out her camping stove as well, laughing a bit as she showed it off to Jennifer. "Look what I got from the terrorists. A stove. At least they were kind enough to put the instruction manual, right? I've never been camping, so I've never had to do anything like this..."

She laughed again as she began laying out some bread, crackers, and her water. "Dunno how good a stove would be with this...but I guess we could try toasting some of the bread? I think I just read it in a book or something...but warm food just...feels better, doesn't it?"

She wondered if now would be a good time to ask about Nick. There had to be a reason why Jennifer had been hanging out with him, after all...and it was probably a good reason, since Melissa was pretty certain Jennifer wouldn't just be all buddy-buddy with a killer. Her right hand clenched as her thoughts drifted back to Sebastian...

"Hey Jennifer..." She started off. "That person you were hanging out with when I saw you uh..." She tried to sound non-chalant. "Nick, right? Um...which...Nick was he? Nick Reid or Nick LeMonde? I mean I..." She trailed off and finally just decided to drop the pretense. She looked seriously at Jennifer, her lips pressed in a thin line. "Whoever it was...Why? I'm not saying it was bad or anything but either of 'em...they're murderers, Jennifer. Unless they were all in self-defense I mean I just can't really..."

She fell silent. She felt bad...going from jokes to talking about warm food to talking about killers but...she had to know.
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