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How cute.
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[Girl #48 - Kaitlin Anderheim. Continued from Even the Best Fall Down Sometimes.

Sorry for the delay, been a little hectic lately. I'll try to keep my posts closer to T-Fox's after this, just to keep order a little more linear. Hope that's alright.]

Traveling with Peter was always interesting. At least, Kaitlin saw it that way. They never really managed to get back on the right track, but they got a bit closer to it this time than the last few times they had set out. Maybe it was just the place they were in or the stress of the situation or maybe it was something else entirely, but reading the maps and actually following them didn't seem to be their strong suit. But it was interesting, and Kaitlin certainly wasn't going to complain any time soon. She was used to being on her feet all the time, and she was a big girl. She could handle traveling. She didn't need to bring up every little issue with Peter.

Well, not every issue.

When they made camp that night, it was a lot colder than any other night since they'd been together. Without a fire, they were alone out there in the dark, in the cold. Kaitlin stayed next to Peter the whole time and when it came down to sleeping arrangements, she made sure that she was right there next to him the entire time. He was warm, and it was cold out. Yeah. That was the reason. That was the reason. Still, it was nice. But it was just for warmth and safety.


Waking up the next morning was about as nice as it always was. That is, it wasn't very nice at all, save for the company. And the proximity of that company, to boot. Waking up next to Peter, with his arm wrapped around her... Kaitlin felt more than just safe, or warm. She was happy. At least, as happy as she could be in this hell hole. But happy none-the-less. The announcement that morning was a little off-putting, knowing that she had outlived over half her classmates. Hell, it was downright disturbing. Not just the fact that she had outlived so many but the fact that she was happy about it.

What was wrong with her?

When breakfast came, she was quiet, for once, and just focused on her meager meal of bread and water. She had a few crackers left. She made sure to share those with Peter, not matter how much he protested. He was sweet, but he would never win a fight against Kaitlin. She was just too stubborn to let him say no. But other than trying to convince Peter to accept what she was sharing with him, she remained quiet. She just didn't feel right after that announcement.

She outlived so many of her classmates... so many of her fellow students... so many people who she knew, sort of.

She outlived them all and she was happy. Happy that she was alive. Happy that she survived where they did not. What was wrong with her?

Kaitlin snapped out of her little world when Peter stopped and held up his hand. She knew that sign. She was supposed to stop. Simple enough to do. He motioned for her to keep quiet, something she was already keen on doing, afraid of saying anything lest she give away how she felt that morning. She didn't want Peter to hate her. Crouching low next to Peter was almost reflex, she didn't even pay attention to his hand motions. It wasn't until she was right up next to him and squeezing his hand that she saw why he was being so cautious.

Other people.

After almost two days alone, they had found other people.

Other people who were armed.

Other people who were dangerous.

Other people who had killed.

Other people who would kill them.

No, no. She couldn't think that way. It was wrong. It was wrong! She couldn't just jump to that. They would survive. They would survive and they would make it out of this. They would live through this, together.

They would live, and others would die.

As long as Kaitlin held Peter's hand, she didn't care what happened to everyone else. She knew why she was so happy to have survived. So happy to have lived for so long with Peter by her side. She knew. No matter what, she was staying with Peter. No matter what, she was surviving with him.

No matter what, they were getting that ice cream.
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