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((crappy post, sorry, I'm rather busy atm :x)

This wasn't good.

That Hartmann bitch was armed and primed.

What the hell can you do when you're in a situation like this? Well, besides doing what Aston does best and just standing there and analysing the situation? Nothing, really. You're glued to the spot, just fearful for your life. Of course, the thing was, Aston thought it over, and decided that she wasn't going to die today.

For starters, she remembered reading somewhere that a single block of C4 had a blast radius of approximately 15 feet. She was more than far enough away to escape unharmed, even if she just pulled out her gun and shot that girl right there. She'd still get a shock from the blast, but really, nothing else.

The other main important point about the entire situation was that Kris Hartman seemed to have no idea she was on the scene in the first place.

Aston watched. The crazy girl's eyes slid from RJ, to his girl, to the girl from the caves, but not. her. This was good, it meant that she was what they called an unfactored variable. Something you can't take into account when making a rational or a rash decision.

So...what was the plan then?

Aston thought this over, several times, don't think she chose this lightly, and then...she decided what to do. RJ needed to live. His girl, cave girl, they needed to get out of here alive. Aston needed to get out of here alive, and doing what she was about to do was not a step towards that.

She started edging around the circumference of the centre.

Aston was far enough away that she could do this discreetly, but her movements had to be small. No point getting her drawing attention to herself when the point here was to remain an unfactor.

It took a while, a while of developments and a while of edging, but she made it. RJ had kissed his girl, she was begging for him not to do anything, and the girl from the caves was scanning the area. Okay, she needed to do this quick. If she gave her away, it was all over.

She made it so that she was directly behind Kris...only in terms of her field of vision.

Aston knew that she was now visible to everyone in the area.

No time to waste.

She removed her shoes, almost like they were engulfed in hot fire, and she stepped forward onto the cobblestone.

A silent step. Good.

Another silent step. Even better.

I need to get this bag and I need to do this quick.
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