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Null sheen.
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1. Tiffany Chanders (decoy)
2. Joe Rios (Sean) - General Goose (Roll Null used)
3. Sapphire McLeod (Corrupt Dropbear)
4. Dustin Royal (PA/Inactive)
5. Annaliese Hansen (Betaknight) - Betaknight (Roll Null used)
6. Rosa Fiametta (Clubelle) - Winsome Clark (faceinabook, Hero Card used)
7. Jasper-Declan MacDermott (HollyQuin) - Hollyquin (Roll Null used)
8. RJ Lowe (Stark)

3 days for any relevant cards. That makes your deadline the 21st.

10 days for deaths to be done (28th)

You know the drill.
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