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As Tiffany approached, Quince felt his heart beat faster. She had agreed to stay with him, even as he had willingly given up everything so that she could be safer. He stood and moved towards her, touched by her show of faith in him. Was this the start of something deeper? He hoped so. After all, it had been a while they'd been together constantly now, and with everything they'd been through…

Placing his hands gently on her hips, he smiled at her. "Thanks. I'm glad you stayed. Don't know how well I'd don on my own." He was unsure of where to go from here. Could he move in to kiss her, or wait for her. He thought he'd made his intentions quite clear at this point.

As he waited to see what she did, he began to feel the hairs on the back of his neck prickling up, as they had often done during his matches. Of course they were. It was nothing to be worried about. How many times had he been told, after all, that fighting and fucking were very similar? Still, given their situation, he tried to listen out for anything that would mean he'd have to grab for the rifle. But not now. Not when he finally had a shot here.
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