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Receiving the note from Bobby, Neill read it surreptitiously, enjoying the fact that for the first time in days something wasn't going to be broadcast to the world. He was going to have a secret, be one of only three people in the world who knew something: what was written on that little bit of paper. The thought that Rachel was conveying had crossed his mind, from what he'd learned from watching previous series was that all the good ideas had to be thought up alone. Perhaps that was why people didn't escape, human's worked best when they worked together a lot of the time, and that had effectively been taken away from them.

He pulled a pen from his pocket and scribbled a hasty addendum to Rachel's note, which he then passed back to her. This was turning into one of those games he's always seen girls playing in middle school, taking it in turns to write a little bit of the story with limited information as to what had gone before. As far as he remembered, it had always taken them a long time, produced shrieks of laughter, and from the couple of times he'd managed to snatch a copy, had been of intensely poor quality. Still, that was an idea. This game was all about hiding behind a smokescreen, and hoping that smokescreen was sufficiently opaque.

It's all about appearances! Pass to Bobby. was what he'd added to Rachel's note.

"I think we should play a game," Neill said after a pause. He rifled around in his duffel and produced a letter size notepad of his own, tearing off a single sheet. Hopefully his background as a writer would help with their smokescreen here. "You might have played it before. I write a bit of a story, then fold the page down so that only the last sentence is visible, then you have to continue the story." Neill tapped the end of his pen against his lip, thinking of how best to word it.

In the middle of the vineyard there was a gazebo that Claudette used to visit thrice monthly, when the sun was almost set and those last few rays cast a reddish glow over the white painted wood. There she would spend the only minutes she could truly alone. Write some crap and then in the last sentence write what you actually want to say and write small so that the cameras can't pick up what we're writing.

He passed the note to Bobby, unable to keep a bit of a smile off his face.
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