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It took Hayley a while to decide. It wasn't like she had much to lose, what with this whole we're-going-to-be-dead-in-what-a-week-at-most thing, but still...it was still a game of Don't Scare Off The Virgin. She had memories, vague as they were, of pain and agony, and she really didn't want to subject Ema to that. On the other hand, if the other girl didn't freak out and run off immediately, the pain didn't last long, and things would get really awesome really quickly, and besides, Hayley was getting bored. Variety was the spice of life or whatever, and studio audience aside, she had to keep shit interesting. On the other...other hand, there was a pretty high likelihood that she was gonna get her hand all messy, but fuck it, really, had she not spent the better part of the last week soaked in blood? She could deal.

Just gotta hope Ema can.

Her hand stopped moving, and she felt Ema's body react underneath her- she hoped it was a please-don't-stop sort of reaction, though she couldn't really tell, her eyes were still closed and her mouth was still attached to the other girl's. That hand moved down, just a little, probing, searching, and ah. There we go. Alright, easy does it, don't kill the girl classy word choice, brain-

She pushed in with one finger- just one, she was gonna be a gentle(wo?)man about this- and immediately felt fingernails digging into her back. She gasped into Ema's mouth, her other hand grasping almost desperately at her hair, as she was far too distracted to realize that that'd been a reflex reaction on Ema's part. From where she was standing lying...whatever Ema was enjoying the hell out of this, and so Hayley didn't think she was moving too fast in the slightest when she added a second finger, pushing further, deeper-

Something gave way.

There will be blood, it may be y- Dr. Horrible, Hayley? Really? Now?

Hayley rather reluctantly pulled her mouth away from Ema's, just for a moment, she really wanted to see the look on the girl's face right now, and was rewarded by noises that would've made a porn star proud. Fuck yes, bro. I got this. She got her fingers going in rhythm, ignoring the fact that her hand was already tired and was only going to get worse from now, because dammit, the sounds coming out of Ema's mouth right now were making the pain all worth it. She'd always said- and gotten weird looks for saying- the fun in fucking isn't getting off, it's getting someone else off. It's, like, the purest form of ego boost. You could get off by yourself, get fifteen minutes of alone time and you were fucking set. So Hayley wasn't really bothered by the fact that she was doing all the work here; she could just wait until Ema fell asleep, or not wait, really, wasn't like she had anything to hide at this point-

She felt the other girl shift underneath her, her hair-pulling directing her up, and she obliged, wishing for not the first time she was just a little bit taller, this was seriously taxing her reach. She briefly considered the possibility that Ema was pulling her up to get her to stop, but nah, judging by her reaction, that seemed pretty unlikely. She kept her fingers moving, one-two, one-two, she tapped out a rhythm in her head, wondering what Ema was doing, until she felt Ema's mouth on her chest, giving her an answer that she rather approved of.


That incredibly coherent noise was joined by many like it, and the hand still in Ema's hair pressed the girl's head into her. She lost track of that rhythm she'd been keeping, her fingers moving erratically. Someone's getting her confidence up, she thought, somewhere in the back of a really rather occupied brain. She could practically feel the cameras watching her now, and she would've flipped them off- that'd be, like, the pinnacle of gloriousity, flipping off the cameras whilst getting laid- but honestly, her hands were rather busy. She could give two fucks what people back home were thinking anymore; for very possibly the last time in her short life, she was happy, and she wasn't gonna let anyone take that away from her. Least of all the American viewing public.
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