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A tree at the top of a hill? Not the most ideal location, but those places weren't nearby.

It wasn't easy getting to the top of a hill in her condition, even with help, but they managed it. The tree was larger than someone would expect to survive in an area where most of the trees had been cut down for lumber. The reason became apparent when she was was being gently helped to the ground; the tree survived because of location and luck. A highly faded orange mark indicated that the tree was scheduled to be cut down when the island was still populated, but the treacherous footing must have delayed it until everyone disappeared.

Sam sat up a little to get a better view of the area. Out of the corner of her eye she noticed movement.

"Hey is that a person down there?" She asked Adrian pointing in the general direction of what she saw.

Before long she grew impatient and called out to the person below, "Hey You! Down There!" Hopefully that would get their attention.
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