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Oh my god you guys The Riz killed Cara what do!?
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With very little room for doubt, Ema was having the most enjoyable experience of her short life. So why so silent? Juxtaposed against a few hundred schoolkids meeting untimely deaths whilst she just hid behind one of the people doing the killing, this seemed a little odd. It wasn't why Ema wasn't making a sound, though. She'd been rather sullen for the majority of her adolescence, not exactly talkative, and the kind to head straight home after school, head straight upstairs to her computer after that, and wile away the evenings in virtual reality, not really communicating with anyone, not anyone she knew, at least. That wasn't the reason either. The reason, as she understood it, was simply not knowing what on Earth she was supposed to do. Where to touch, how to do so, what to say, what noises to make, how to react; in general, what was 'sexy'. Ema had never been sexy in her life, not consciously at any rate. She'd only ever been that quiet one that never had the courage to go outside and do something new. Having spent enough time fantasising about sex, often with Hayley in particular, she'd sort of subconsciously expected it to be easy. Something she could just... do.

It was pretty obvious by now that she was wrong about that. Hayley let go of her stupid fucking flat chest, stroking her face.

"You're thinking. Stop. Do, like..."

The hand came to the end of its intended motion, putting a finger to Ema's lips. Yeah, putting your foot in your mouth and stammering like an idiot, that was hot.

"Whatever. You'll know, alright? Just...shhh."

And Hayley... smirked? Maybe Ema wasn't being as boring as she thought. Probably helped that there wasn't any better option left on the island, heavy bias towards the one person that actually wanted to fuck Hayley right now, rather than kill her with extreme prejudice. Even water tastes like the nectar of the gods, if you're without it long enough.

But thinking about that didn't have any useful future that Ema could foresee. Instead, she tried to focus on doing whatever, something she'll know. Then she realised she was thinking about it, and thinking was wrong. She was meant to be feeling, acting on instinct or something, doing whatever appealed to her. For the moment, though, what appealed was returning Hayley's latest kiss with equal vigour. That free hand became tangled in her wet hair, and Ema pulled her own free to do the same, whilst her other one slid slowly down the girl's back, following the curve of her spine with the softest touch she could manage.

And then something unexpected happened.

Ema hadn't even gotten used to what was already going on yet.

Hayley's fingers stopped just rubbing and probing, they started pushing. Pushing in a way Ema had only tried alone once, because it hurt - and Hayley wasn't being tentative. There wasn't much she could do about it, though, except tighten her grip on Hayley's body rather desperately, and endure until it either stopped or got better. One finger made its way in. It felt more like a baseball bat. Just as Ema was beginning to get used to it, it was joined by a second. She wasn't even close to getting used to those before they forced their way further along.

Something broke.

And when Hayley's and Ema's lips parted, so did the silence.

Following that, Ema didn't have quite as much trouble vocalising what she was feeling.

Several loud seconds passed, and pain gave way to new, unknown pleasure, and in turn, anxiety to curiousity. Ema wanted to experience more, and to share it with Hayley. With the hand gripping hair, she urged Hayley upwards. With the one on her back, she finished the trail to her legs, and stroked the warm skin. And finally, doing the first thing that came to mind, Ema lifted her head towards Hayley's body. She tried not to think, to just do. Here goes nothing. She wrapped her lips around the nearest nipple, and sucked.

And in spite of herself, the first thing to come to mind? Fuck yeah, who's pathetic now, brain?
Every time you fall asleep you die. Someone else wakes up in your body, thinking they're you.
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Soon you will be nothing, you will never again hear sounds, never again see colours, never again be anyone.

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