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That's Just Crazy Talk
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"That's an utter waste of time."

Rachel had expected Robert to say something of that ilk himself when Neill had proposed that hopelessly naive idea of escaping. She'd seen prior seasons, and knew that an escape attempt would be absolutely hopeless given their current resources. But no, Robert had simply chimed in with the idiocy, stating that they could somehow, with their current means, convert a boat into a raft. Hearing them give their spiels, one question immediately sprang to mind: did her two traveling companions have cement for brains?

So far as Rachel was concerned, her two teammates were too valuable to lose in such an easy manner. Even if they did, somehow, through some miracle, manage to get their collars off, three kids in varying degrees of physical health on a makeshift raft finding their way on the high seas with barely any provisions would require an act of God to pull it off. Besides which, the instant that Danya saw them trying to pull off a foolhardy mission like that, he'd probably just blow them up or send some of his goons to hunt them down and drag them back. No, the odds were far too much against the three of them for them to try something as daring as this.

"For goodness sake, Robert," she scolded, staying seated. "You just spoke your entire plan out loud, with cameras watching us." She sighed and shook her head. "Honestly, I thought you were smart."

Pulling notepaper out of her bag, she took a pen in hand and scratched out a short message, passing it face down to Robert with a small smile on her face. The message read as follows:

"If we're going to work together, we must be more discreet. Pass the message to Neill too. Face-down, if you please.

Sincerely, Rachel."

For no obvious reason, Rachel took this moment to take out a comb and start untangling her hair. Now that she'd had a better look at herself, she realized that she looked awful, with her hair all awry. That simply would not do.
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