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The ennuie he had been feeling was returning swiftly. The three of them failed to gel in the way that he and Neill had with Rick. The relationships were different. Despite their history, Bobby felt less comfortable around Rachel than around Neill. He guessed this was what it must be like in the military, where your comrades became closer than family. But somehow, Rachel wasn't part of the unit. Not properly. At least not yet.

He guessed that she was feeling the same way. She'd been distant, not talking to him. He wished in so many ways that he could take back what had happened, and that things could be as they had been before. Before he'd told her that he was gay, before she had killed Edward, and Theo, before Charlotte, before everything.

He was dragged from his reverie by Neill stating the his great idea. He smiled at the other boys energy, his hope. True, the helicopter idea was far fetched, but was enough to spur him into action. "Okay, there's gotta be something we can at least look at." He still held onto his belief that the government would find them eventually, but it was a hope that was fading. After all, they'd been there for a week now, or was it longer?

He placed his backpack on the ground, and rummaged around in it until he triumphantly drew out the map he'd been provided with. He spread it on the ground, and using the compass, he tried to align it so that it was aligned properly. He'd picked up some useful skills in orienteering on an adventure holiday when he was 16. "Judging by where we've been, I reckon that we must be somewhere about here." He said, pointing at the left hand side of the map.

"There's no obvious way off, but I doubt that they'd give us one unless it was a trap. The shipwreck up here" he indicated towards the key "is either useless or decorative. We can't sail it, obviously, but there might just be enough materials to make a raft of some kind." He paused, trying to gauge their reactions.

"The main problem is these collars. We need to figure out how to get them off, and then we can really make a break for it. So, that's how I see it, anyway." He smiled at the pair, hoping that he'd made some sense at least.
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