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That 'strategy' segment of this...er, segment, the difficult part, that was long since over, at least for Hayley. Really, the only things you needed to be good at this were to be comfortable and to be confident in your own abilities, both qualities she possessed in spades, at least where sex was concerned. Hell, the only reason this hadn't worked out earlier with her dead ex?boyfriend was because she'd been lacking in the comfortable part and that was because she wasn't drunk. And guess what she was now? Drunk. Gloriously so. In this most glorious of situations. Gloriousity all around, and if that's not a word it is NOW, bitches!

Except that all this gloriousity wasn't translating well, apparently, since Ema didn't seem to be enjoying this as much as Hayley would've expected. Then again that could've just been faulty expectations again, her tendency to assume that everyone was as loud as she was, because she was damn loud when she was getting what she wanted. Ema was...well, squirming qualified as a reaction, yeah? Just...not an unambiguous reaction. Fuck, was she moving too fast? Hayley pouted. Nah, that couldn't be it, what was moving too fast, that was not even a thing.

Well. Heavy breathing also counted as a reaction, and a less ambiguous one at that, but Hayley wasn't satisfied. She wanted to hear some moaning, dammit! Was that so wrong? Her fingers started moving faster, her other hand coming up to touch Ema's chest in automatic response to Ema's own hands finally moving to where they clearly wanted to be. She made a noise, a small one, more as encouragement than anything else, but stopped as Ema opened her mouth to speak.

"This feels... just..."


"God yes."

Theeere we go.

God help her, Hayley felt a smirk form on her face for a second before she had the presence of mind to wipe it away, since it probably wasn't gonna help with Ema's comfort level. She was so cute though, what with the blushing and the cluelessness. Hayley kind of wanted to pinch her cheeks; she settled for pinching her nipple instead, and the look on Ema's face at that made it hard to resist giggling again. That look was replaced quickly, though, by one of...confusion?

"So, uh, what do I... Like, what should I be... uh..."

Oh, jeez. Hayley facepalmed internally, but luckily she had an angelic nature and the patience of a saint. Really, though, Hayley needed to keep this whole virgin thing in the forefront of her mind. She'd entirely forgotten what it was like to be this...hesitant, this unsure. She'd kind of hoped the drunkenness thing would help Ema with that anxiety, but apparently not. Oh well. We'll figure this thing out, yeah? The hand that wasn't still completely occupied between Ema's legs came up to touch her face.

"You're thinking. Stop. Do, like..." She would've motioned vaguely if she had a free hand. "Whatever. You'll know, alright? Just...shhh." She pressed a finger to the other girl's lips. She didn't mean to let it, she swore she didn't, but that smirk climbed back onto her face. The very picture of confidence, Hayley was.

Not that that smirk stayed there long, as she leaned back down to kiss her yet again. Her free hand tangled back in Ema's hair, and her occupied hand worked faster still as she took a moment to ponder her next move. This seemed to be working quite well for the moment, yes, but she'd have to change tactics eventually. Had to keep things interesting for the viewers at home oh jesus do not think about the viewers at home.

She wondered to exactly what degree Ema's so-called virginity stood.

Oh, Christ, this could get messy.
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