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(Light GMing, which I assume is alright.)

He didn't get much of a reaction besides people turning to look at him. Bounce and her friend turned, as well as another couple he just caught out of the corner of his eye. In the short amount of time before he heard Dutchy cry out in pain, he noticed that Bounce's friend looked a bit apprehensive, but Bounce seemed like she wanted to talk back. Meanwhile, that other girl - another fan of the show, if he remembered correctly - just stood there with her friend.

Before Roland could wave to them and ask them to join the party - plenty of room on the failboat for everyone, after all - he noticed that Dutchy wasn't standing anymore. He'd fallen over, clutching at his knee in pain. Roland couldn't see any serious injury; nothing like a gunshot or a stab or a bruise. "Dutchy, what's wrong? What happened?"

The boy looked down at a rock, a signal Roland didn't understand at first. But then he got an idea, noticed that the thing wasn't covered with dirt like every other rock around. It sat on top, like it'd been dug up and put back down again.


Roland grimaced and picked up the makeshift missile in one hand and looked around. He didn't think any of the four people he'd seen had thrown a rock or anything, but maybe they'd just been too quick for him. "Who threw this?" he asked. "Who the fuck threw this?" A tone of annoyance had crept into his voice now; this was exactly the sort of shit that he didn't need right now.
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