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Every inch of skin that the collar wrapped around Tabi's neck prevented Ivan's lips from reaching caused him to damn the device that much more. It served as a symbol of her servitude as an unwilling plaything for an organization that cared nothing about their survival; to them, they were nothing but slaves. The same symbol was strapped around his own throat as well, and it times, it could make him feel like a dog answering only to others. How strange it was, then, that kissing Tabi's neck and placing himself so close to the dark symbol liberated his soul more than ever before.

With just his lips gently brushing up against her skin, then pressing in and kissing with care, Ivan felt as though he could feel every part of Tabi's essence through such minimal contact. Her warmth was far more prevalent through his lips, which were also more sensitive to feeling the rushing pulse driving through her. Every wiggle and stiffening of her muscles became amplified to him, as though she had become his entire world as he displayed his care to her, not caring if the world saw. The collar was no longer there to him, because to him, Tabi was nobody's slave nor toy. She was his companion, which he would do anything for.

He felt the low rumble of joy bubble from Tabi just before he pulled back, but knowing that he had pleased her was worth more than many past experiences. Upon the separation, though, the pleasured purring was quickly replaced with a slight whimper. It held some disappointment which she conveyed without hesitation, but Ivan could not deny that it somehow tickled his ear. She had gone from cute to adorable with that one simple cry, and he suddenly had to hold himself back from going beyond what might have been comfortable.

Where had his boundaries gone, Ivan no longer so much as wondered, for they seemed to have rolled out with the last tide. All he wanted to focus on now knelt beside him, and they each held a part of the key which could unlock their shackles, allowing them to throw away the chains that bound them and marked them as slaves. In a world with just them in it, nobody could own them, and that's the emotions Ivan wanted to share with Tabi. Her body seemed to tell him the same thing, but he couldn't be so sure that they were both ready to break free. That was, of course, until she kissed Ivan with no inhibitions, no manacles. She acted with all the freedom that he so craved, and in doing so, received his own freedom from her.

Their breathing felt so rushed, and time was doing all it could just to keep up with them. Time could go straight to hell if it meant this kiss lasting forever. One turned into many, many turned back into one, and every touch, kiss and caress only brought them closer together. Only one more wall, thin as it could be but made of lead, stood to be broken before they were to share everything, attatched only to each other and lead along by the nose by nobody. If that wall could ever be broken, however, was not up for just one of them to decide, and they could never just actively decide to break it. It had to happen on its own, dictated by what they felt.

A natural flow came back to the consciousness when the kisses began to slow. Ivan found himself desperately clinging to the moment, wishing that each time their lips met would last the rest of the night, only to lose that string of hope when the kiss broke off, and to regain it for the next one. When the moment finally came where Tabi pulled her kind, expressive and overt face away, it was Ivan's turn to utter the faintest of protests, though his mouth brought itself into a smile regardless. To live that moment was bliss, but there were to be more moments. They would survive to experience that again, he was sure of it. While they now seemed so far apart compared to their locking of lips, Tabi held him close and he coveted her in return as they laid back down onto the patch of grass.

"Good night, Ivan."

Ivan found his head tucking forward as Tabi moved in to kiss his forehead, accomodating her wish with no complaint. The moon was more than willing to betray his slight blush at the passionate moment, but he faced Tabi head-on, kneading her back once more with his hands as they held each other. There were only three words he could say in response to such a thing, and he was more than happy to...

"I love you..."

He did not move, though it felt as though his body had jumped up. His heart would have stopped, but it was too busy pounding through his chest. To hear the words from her, from Tabi herself, was to hear the calling of an unearthly being. Ivan said them over and over in his head until they no longer made sense, but they could never lose their meaning. Not from whom they had been given.

"I love you too... Tabi..."

He struggled to keep his eyes open as he gave to her a piece of his heart equal to what shhe had bestowed unto him, even if there was no defeating the incredible red rush overpowering his flesh. Even when sleep called, he felt so invigorated and whole. They had both finally said it to one another, and the walls had come crumbling down. Now they could both sleep, each having the other to keep them safe. For once, the first time ever since he had woken up on this rock, he felt whole, and could sleep without being plagued by his own nightmares. Sleep would be such a wonderful thing...

I love you so much. More than you might know. More than I can express. In the morning... in the morning we'll...

((Ivan Kuznetsov, continued in White Sparrows))
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