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MK Kilmarnock
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Hate, hate, HATE!!!
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Felicia cursed the ridiculously girly noise almost as soon as she made it, forced to deal with its echo rebounding off of the spacious walls of the warehouse. Because, you know, she couldn't deal with the shrill, annoying cry just once... she had to deal with it several times over. Her utterance happened to be perfectly synchronized with a leap into the air, limited only by her lackluster lower body strength. There might have also been a little heart stoppage somewhere in the air too, but Felicia Carmichael was still alive when her feet hit the ground. Yep, that was always a good sign. That being said, she just couldn't be sure what to make of the situation when she turned around and saw Jason Harris looking at her.

"J-Jason, you asshole!", Felicia said, finding it hard not to pant like a damn dog from the nasty shock she had been given. Her own hand itched as she remembered that there was a gun in her sweater-pouch pocket, but she admonished herself for even thinking like that. You don't point a gun at your friends from school, and especially not the ones with sexy Australian accents. It was just a rule, a thing that Felicia knew, as much as it might have flown directly in the face with logic. And yet, as sexy or as Aussie as the boy may have been, something about his attitude really seemed off to her.

Gee, thanks Mr. Harris, for pointing out all the wonderful flaws in how I enter a goddamn building, warning people that I'm NOT a terrible killer trying to flay them alive or cap their asses. "Heh, yeah, I know it might not be the smartest, but... um... it's the right thing to do, you know?" She smiled nervously, suddenly having the strangest urge to scratch her left ear. And what the fuck is up with you asking me if I have food? Maybe I need all of this food, Jason! But yeah, thanks for the very selfless thoughts! "I, eh, have some crackers... maybe I can share some with ya? But a girl's gotta eat to keep up her strength, you know?"

Felicia set about to scratching that ear of hers with another bout of laughter, though it wasn't as forced. What was she all worried about? It was just Jason Harris and, while creepy kids like Sebastian might've been turning into raving loonies these days, the more suave kids should've been keeping their cool.

... In retrospect, maybe my habit of no longer listening to the announccements isn't exactly beneficial.
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