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"Oh god," Mary-Ann couldn't watch this. She turned away as R.J. brought down the blade to meet Kris' head and squeezed her eyes shut. Everything was so quiet in that moment. Quiet until, to her surprise, she heard Kris shouting.

Mary-Ann looked up and let out the breath she'd been holding in. R.J. hadn't killed her. The girl was holding that item she'd seen earlier above her head like it was a magic shield or something. And it may as well have been too, as she announced that it was actually the detonator to a whole lot of explosives in her bag, not too far away. Mary-Ann scanned the scene, sure enough, there lay the bag. So harmless looking, just an ordinary bag, but if Kris was telling the truth it could end them all in the wink of an eye.

R.J. sighed and walked back to her.

Good. He's coming back. We can walk away and it can be like we never saw Kris. We can-

And before she could finish thinking she felt his hands on her cheeks on his lips firm on hers. She trembled a little in surprise. Her first kiss.

He was so warm. After the first few seconds of shock fizzled away she was enveloped in his warmth. Mary-Ann tilted her head just slightly to the right and pushed back against him. Her heart was ringing in her ears and her stomach was in her throat but it felt like......like they could be safe and happy together in that moment forever. Their kiss could pierce through death and survive as one perfect moment, crystallized in the privacy of their hearts.

And though that one moment may be everlasting, R.J. and Mary-Ann are finite. R.J. pulled away from her and a tear rolled down his face.



He took a step away from her, back towards Kris. He mouthed one word to her, very clearly, very slowly. He wanted her to go.

"R.J......You promised. You promised me that you'd never leave me again. You promised!" she nearly shouted. Mary-Ann could feel her own eyes start to well up in tears.

"You did. You told me you'd never leave. I'm not ready for you to leave. I'll never be ready." And now she was crying too.

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