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Saul coughed, spluttered and spat to get rid of the vile taste filling his mouth after he finished vomiting. The back of his throat burned and his abdomen ached from the sudden contractions. He stood up straight, wiping gastric juices from his mouth with the back of his hand and turned to face Joss.

"I-I'll be fine, I'm okay" Saul replied, coughing again and breathing in deeply. "It's just... I knew him, he was a friend of Garry's, someone I spoke to regularly..." Saul looked down sadly at Marco's broken face, feeling his face go ashen once more at the sight. 'And now I'll never speak to him again.'

"And... I'll try not to throw up again. Dunno how much I can stop myself, but I'll try," Saul added on. "Let's just go, I don't want to be around here anymore," he said, slowly walking towards the corner of the huge building. He peeked around the side, seeing the coast clear with no one in sight. "No one's around, looks pretty safe to me," he spoke, readjusting the daypack on his shoulder and approached the side entrance to the warehouse.

He noticed the twigs scattered around the door too late, only seeing them the moment his foot came down on them. A series of snapping noises filled the air, Saul instantly recoiling from the sudden sound. 'Oh... oh you idiot, Saul,' he berated himself for failing to spot the sticks earlier. He bent down and picked up one of the broken twigs, glancing down at the small pile. 'Strange. There's no way they just dropped here out of nowhere, someone must've put these here. Why would they... oh.'

"I think someone might be inside the building," Saul said, standing back up and backing up away from the door. "I think we may have alerted them as well."
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