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Right. Shore. That was a thing. Hayley kept her hands tight on Ema's as she maneuvered them both towards the sand, managing to keep her footing on the soft ground mostly because she had a rather strong motivation to do so. Fuck this up and it's all over, she thought. Welcome to another game of Don't Scare Off The Virgin. Which was a game Hayley was honestly very fond of, but it was a bit less fun when it seemed very unlikely that there'd ever be another chance for this. Scare off the virgin and die un-laid. Talk about high-stakes.

Actually, now that she thought about it, that should work in her favor. Who, boy or girl, wanted to die a virgin? No one. Exactly, no one. See, girly? It's not just you who wants this. That seemed so utterly unlikely, way too wishful-thinking, for her to immediately accept, but the overconfidence of her drunken brain was winning out. Look at her, does she look reluctant to you? No she does not. Exactly. Like I said, no one wants to die a virgin, and you're here being all gorgeous and fabulous and ex-girlfriendy and there you go, now this is happening. She doesn't die a virgin and you get to die happy. Easy.


Their feet were out of the water, now, their bodies dripping water on drier sand, and they had a destination in mind- their crappy little campsite, naturally, there were towels and things there, they could dry off, make a sort of...a sort of bed type thing-

Hayley didn't mean to knock Ema down. She really didn't, but sometimes a lot of the time if we're going to be honest her libido got ahead of her, and she really wasn't sure how much longer she could keep her hands off Ema anyway. So she wasn't exactly regretful when the other girl went down heh...oh, don't get ahead of yourself and there was only a split second's hesitation before she ended up on top of her.

For maybe a split second her overwhelming thought was oh fuck, SAND, and an internal, logical voice was saying how she'd probably regret not moving later. But fuck that, that thought was swept away pretty quickly by the warm body under hers, by the way the heat rushed through her as their lips reconnected. Her hands, they were doing what they felt like, touching every inch of Ema, marveling at how soft she was, she really hadn't been with a girl in so long, she'd nearly forgotten-

Her roaming fingers met the elastic of Ema's panties- my nemesis, we meet again -and this time, with no need for caution, she moved to give herself room to get the stupid things off. Flinging them in the general direction of the rest of their clothing, she climbed back on top, a smile forming on her face. The other girl's expression was less obvious. Nervous, definitely nervous, Hayley thought, not that that was a surprise, not really. It wasn't a bad sort of nervous, though, just a virginal oh shit this is really happening kind of nervous, which was kind of adorable. Hayley couldn't grudge her that, as eager as she was, and she loved Ema way too much to be frustrated at her inaction.

No, no thinking about love, not right now, that always ruins everything-

Ema's eyes went back and forth between two targets, and Hayley realized that Ema's hands had been (almost) everyone but there, which was unusual, she'd think that that would be her first target (and they are rather large targets). The noise that came out of her throat was worrying, too. Oh god is she having second thoughts no no no please let her not be having second thoughts, I will die of shame right here in the sand-

No, she's not having second thoughts, she's nervous, stop being freakishly paranoid.


Hayley blinked. A giggle escaped her throat and all paranoia went out with it. Urgh, virgins, so frustrating but so adorable.

"You're cute," she whispered, poking the other girl on the nose. "But...don't think. Feel."

Yeah, quote Bruce Lee, that's fucking hot.

Her brain shut up as their lips connected again, erasing all conscious thought from her brain. One of her hands continued its prior exploration; the other knew exactly what it was doing as it made its way to more forbidden places. There should be a manual on this. How to get the terminally inexperienced to stop freaking out: get them worked up enough that they forget they're supposed to be freaking out. Bloody brilliant, good show and all that, oh god brain shut up

She expertly located the nub of sensitive flesh she was looking for, and honestly, she was just craving a reaction as her fingers began to move in earnest circles.
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