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((After reading the topic on formatting, I've decided I'm going to swap back to plaintext with Jackie, and see how well that works out here. Sooo yeah. If this is hard to read, by all means PM me ASAP.))
((Also, agreeing with Vole. I'm getting Jackie the hell out of dodge here, especially since I'm two days off of inactivity with her anyways.))

Jackie had scrambled back to that spot from which she had originally fallen, pain throbbing in her leg, terror behind her eyes. And now, terror once again racked her body, mind, and spirit, but for a completely different reason this time. No longer was it a fear that she was just plain broken. That she had lost her mind, and that she could no longer control herself on a literal level. A few hours... Well, it had felt like hours with Cassarah cleared all that right up. Armed with a greater understanding, she now realized exactly what she had left Li alone to do. Not that she could have done anything about it before.

It was amazing how well hidden the little platform was. A step through the underbrush, and she was viewing the world again through her own two eyes. Not the world that her sick and broken mind had concocted to give her a chance to escape from that which she could not cope with, as trippy as thinking about that fact was. She was once again looking at the real world.

Just in time to see Aaron stalking off into the distance, his troupe following closely in step. A girl was there that she had never seen before, even in the halls of Bayview. She certainly hadn't been there when she first laid eyes on Aaron's group a few hours beforehand.

Aaron had leaned in to say something, whisper in that girl's ear. Something about the way his head moved, and that hand on his gun told her that he had just made another ally.

She could feel her face flushing in a familiar way. Anger. Red hot anger shooting up her cheeks. Yet she didn't feel angry herself at all. And then she startled herself with the sound of her own voice. Except it wasn't really her at all. Li was still posing, using her body to get her own way.

"You're no better than me Aaron, don't let your loyal little dogs make you think otherwise! If Lilly appears on those announcements, even if Danya does give the credit to that racist little prick Rob, it's still your fault. You wouldn't stay to assess the true situation. You fled, left her and the others to the dogs. If she's dead, you're a murderer. Just like me."

She felt herself smirking, but at the same time she felt that feeling in the pit of your stomach that usually comes about when you realize exactly how fucked you are.

For the first time in six days, she thought about the cameras, showing her entire life for a week to the entire world like thousands of sick little voyeurs. Somewhere, her parents were watching. Watching who they presumed was their little girl, doing nothing better with her time on the island, with her supposed regret for taking the life of another than egging on one of her classmates. Getting her sick kicks out of trying to ruin someone significantly more deserving's day.

And now, the anger was truly hers.

She was fuming. At herself, for letting it happen. But mostly at Li, for being a big enough bitch to do it in the first place.

I don't fucking believe you Li... I fucking hate you.

She struggled against the mental bonds that seemed to hold her rooted in place, keep her out of the driver's seat.

I fucking hate you.

Within her own mind, her voice was becoming louder and louder. She hated Li. She hated the bus drivers that had sold them out. She hated Mr. Kwong for being a big enough idiot to not see that this was about to happen. She hated Danya for thinking this hair brained scheme would change a god damned thing within the US government, whatever political change he was trying to bring about. But most of all, she hated herself for being so god. damned. weak.

I fucking HATE you.


"-TE YOU!"

With what felt like a herculean effort of physical strength, she wrested control from Li. She didn't understand the mechanics of what had just occured, and she didn't understand the willpower it took, how she had harnessed it, or any of the little nuances involved. She didn't even know the exact moment that her frenzied yells had left the confines of her own mind and become real. But right about now she didn't care. Let her look like a god damn psychopath right now. Her brain really was broken.

Her hand flew to the Hacksaw on her hip.

"I don't fucking BELIEVE you. You have to go and fuck it up for me! You KNOW I wanted to apologize to him when I saw him, you stupid CUNT!" They were a ways away by now. She hadn't taken the time to survey the area, see if they were even in earshot anymore.

She didn't care. The hacksaw whipped up into the air.


She was in a blind rage at someone she couldn't physically lay a hand on. So she took it out on the next best thing. A shiny little piece of glass glinted from the fork of a nearby tree. She spun on her heel, ignoring the searing pain that shot through her entire body, using the hacksaw like a baseball bat, sending the camera spiraling off of it's stand and off into the distance with a loud, resounding crunch.

And suddenly, just like that, for the first time since the split... All was completely quiet save her ragged, labored breathing.

When she finally regained her composure, it would take her a good twenty minutes to force the destroyed blade of the saw from it's wooden prison, holding it so tightly, as if for dear life.

Yeah, there was no way that Danya passed up the chance to air that entire spectacle. Mom and Dad were watching.


She sighed, an exasperated sigh. Still her own mind laid dormant. It was refreshing. And for a moment, she legitimately didn't care.

((Jacquard "Jackie" Broughten continued in Peripeteia.))
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