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Oh my god you guys The Riz killed Cara what do!?
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(Any and all GMing was approved, and no animals were harmed in the making of it.)

Hayley had looked unsure, to begin with. Having accepted alcohol, gotten soundly drunk with it, then stripped naked and run into the ocean, it was an unusual juncture to start having second thoughts, but that's how she looked. The expression seemed to become considerably less conflicted once Ema kissed her again, though. Reassured? Yeah, let's go with reassured. She wouldn't have suggested this if she wasn't comfortable with it, right? It didn't take long for the rhetorical question to be answered, either.

Hayley's hands found their way to her neck. Became entangled in her saturated hair. Pulled free, glided down the flesh of her torso to rest on her waist. Get your act together Ema. Ema followed suit, rather awkwardly at first. Last time this had happened, the two had been on a sofa, fully clothed, and in an environment where outright groping was kind of a faux pas. So her hands went first to Hayley's shoulders, that seemed safe enough. Safe isn't sexy, come on. Carefully, they moved further down. Carefully because of the scratches, opening wounds being a lot less sexy than caution.

Apparently, Hayley thought of the scratch part too. Not in a bad way. Drunkenness had kept Ema immodest so far, but a pair of hands so very casually sliding down even further prompted a flush of red to her otherwise pale face. She got over it, though, Because damnit this was my idea, I'm not being one-upped.

That thought was rather short lived, however. Hayley seemed to have hooked her fingers under the elastic of her panties, and all thoughts pertaining to anything other than Holy shit holy shit holy shit disappeared from Ema's mind quite promptly, and before she had time to lower her own hands, Hayley apparently thought better of trying to undress her any further. Their lips finally parted. Please don't be having second thoughts please don't be having second thoughts please please please let me get wha-- shut up Morrissey just please don't.

Then they were holding hands again, Ema held back a sigh of relief. It was obvious enough how desperate she was, didn't need to put another nail in the coffin.


That wasn't a 'Let's not do this' kind of whisper. Ema didn't hold back a smile.

"Maybe it wasn't. Maybe we should go back to shore. And maybe we shouldn't go to sleep just yet."

Ema could do nothing but nod eagerly. She didn't even care how it looked, she'd never heard more beautiful words in her life, or if she had, she didn't care to remember them. Hands still held tightly together, the two girls headed back inland, back to the haphazard pile of belongings. Ema would've gone for the towels they still had, something non-sandy to lay down on, something to dry off with at least. She would've, that is, if she wasn't already lying down.

Presumably it was meant to be a gentle push, something coercive, to urge Ema to the floor, not to outright floor her. But when Hayley pushed, Ema hadn't the balance nor the footing to stay standing, so down she went, landing with a soft thud on the sand. It wasn't long before Hayley was on the floor too, atop Ema, locking lips, running her hands along her sides, her abdomen, her chest. There wasn't any apprehension left in Ema herself, and with hands on autopilot, she responded in kind. But that didn't last long either, with Hayley moving away to lift up Ema's legs and Holyshitholyshitholyshit actually doing it this time remove her very last piece of clothing.

They landed with an even softer sound, somewhere to the right, Ema wasn't paying much attention really. She was too busy staring at Hayley, her face somewhere between anxious and hopeful. She hadn't been here before, this was not in her comfort zone, by any stretch of the imagination. Ema bit her lip, taking hold of Hayley's shoulders. Her eyes flitted between the other girl's face, and a short distance down from it. God, what's wrong with me, I haven't even touched them yet, she thought, though what she said was something more akin to the noise she made upon running into Hayley and Kyle a few nights prior. An unintelligible sort of wheeze, the noise of Ema having no idea how to articulate the mess of lust, apprehension and love? Fuck it, decide later. she was feeling.

She cleared her throat, tried again. The best she could manage was something like "Err.."

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