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Hayley was most definitely enjoying this. She hadn't been the recipient of the adolescent-male oh holy god she has tits stare in what felt like forever, and certainly not from someone she was actually into. Because Kyle had tact. And tact was boring. And Christ, girly, can you pick a better time to think about your dead ex-boyfriend?

Right. Head in the game and all that. Whatever that game was; it sure as fuck wasn't Survival of the Fittest, not right now.

Not that it was easy to keep her head anywhere what with this whole drunk thing she had going on.

Not to mention there was now a vast quantity of seawater running out of her nose as she tried desperately to stop sputtering. And the water rolling over her head was no doubt sending mascara streaming down her face. Okay, yeah, she was about 300% unattractive right now that doesn't even make sense and she was dead grateful she had tits because those were about all she had going for her. Not that Ema seemed to be complaining.

"Maybe this-"

The other girl really wasn't doing any better with the water. Though she still looked gorgeous from where Hayley was standing. Damn her. Again.

"-Wasn't a great idea?"

Well. Does that count as complaining? No, she's kind of...kind of right, if I'm gonna be honest with myself I wanted an excuse to get us naked- she coughed, expelling the last of the seawater. Not that I think Ema'd be surprised if I told her that. Oh, yeah, Ema, I was just being a conniving little skank- please, that's like my default mode of operation. She was kind of lost for what to say, though. Yeah, Ema, I'm a fucking idiot, let's go be naked on the beach- that'll do. Brilliant. What can I even-

And then Ema's lips were back on hers, and she felt considerably better about this whole thing.

For a second, anyway. Then it was strategy time. Fuck murder, really, that was simpler than this.

Her hands wandered. First one hand found the other girl's neck and the other in tangled in her hair, but that felt way too familiar, so then they wound up on her waist, but she cut that out after it made her become aware again of the stupid and now-stinging cuts on her own sides. So eventually her hands wound up on Ema's ass because dammit, I keep it classy.

Speaking of classy, Hayley's thoughts were now dedicated to getting Ema out of this godforsaken pair of underwear she'd insisted on leaving on. Naturally, because nothing could ever be easy and not-retarded in her life, she couldn't think of anything that wouldn't wind up with either one of them falling back in the water (her sinuses had been well and cleared up the saltwater and she did not need any more, thank you very much) or with Ema's panties ripped in half, which she figured Ema'd be kind of annoyed about in the morning. Goddamn me and my ideas.

You know what? Fuck it. It was her idea.

She broke off the kiss, which was really low on the list of things she wanted to do right now. Her hands (equally reluctant to move, really) moved back to Ema's.

"Yeah," she whispered. "Maybe it wasn't. Maybe we should go back to shore. And maybe we shouldn't go to sleep just yet."

Fuck yeah, again. Brilliant one-liner, probably. Or, uh, three-liner. ...Whatever.
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