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(George Leidman continued from Eep)

George had heard the announcement as he was moving across the island. Sebastian was dead, and it served him right. That was perfectly fine by him, and props to whoever it was that did the deed. Now that the scumbag was gone, there was only one objective left for George on this stupid island: Survival. He'd heard something or other about people who were trying to fight against the game, but all that meant to him was that they'd blow themselves up over angering their host. This made them, in his approximation, a non-issue. One less person for him to worry about as he fought his way to the end.

He'd be good about it, of course. People who were killers or otherwise violent would get the axe, but he'd let peaceable people go. Simple plan, and it probably wouldn't be hard to figure out who was who. Just pay attention to who was waving a gun in his face. Granted, there'd come a time when he'd have to go for the non-players as well, but he'd jump that hurdle when he came around to it. Goodness knows, it wasn't like they wouldn't become killers at that point either. Not if they wanted to survive. There'd be more than enough murderers to keep him busy all the way to the end, he figured.

And wouldn't you know it, but there were three people coming up sooner than he expected. Lacking anything resembling a weapon, George opted to approach quietly. Not so easy a task, given his size, but he made due. As he approached, he contemplated what he could use as a weapon, finally just picking up a largish rock. The thing had a nice edge on it, almost designed for smashing into people's skulls. It wouldn't be too useful against guns, but if he got close up, he could see himself doing a bit of damage with this. Assuming they didn't kill him the instant they saw him. It was impossible to tell these days.
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