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(Madeleine Smith continued from The Beggar King)

Last night had not been a comfortable one for Madeleine, what with tossing and turning over the people who she had left behind. They were all dead. She hadn't heard them on the announcements, but she knew it was just a matter of time. She was smart to leave them behind. Yes, that's what she told herself. It wasn't cowardice at all, but common sense. All the group would have done was take her gun and then leave her as a distraction for the terrorists anyway. She was better off alone, leaving her classmates to be shot-or, she noted, blown up-rather than risking her own death by running with them.

It was easy to say that, but believing it was a different matter.

Maddy saw Autumn O'Leary quite a ways off, and if she had been feeling like it, she could have definitely given her a wide berth. She didn't, however, because she was curious to find out why she was tearing the parts off of an old boat. She couldn't possibly have been thinking of fixing it and sailing away, could she? There was really only one way to find out, and if Maddy's suspicions were correct, then perhaps Autumn would be willing to provide an extra seat if she asked nicely enough.

And so, with her SMG at the ready (just in case), Maddy walked slowly up to Autumn and meekly asked, "Uh...Wh-what are you doing?" She considered putting the gun away, but she knew that she absolutely couldn't. There was no way that she would allow herself to die from being careless.
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