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In some cultures, what I do is considered normal.
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Annaliese went back to the unguarded portal to Hell, more commonly known as the sliding glass door, and retrieved her piece of wood. She chewed her bottom lip and debated where she should start her zombie barricade, here or at the front window where she had started Zombie Watch 2008.

“If I block this door and more helpless characters come wandering in, needing Ray to rescue them, he won’t be able to get out there quickly to save them. But if I don’t block the door, the forces of evil will just steamroll right in here. Hmmmm…decisions, decisions.”

She listened to the indistinct sounds of Isabel and Ray coming from the bedroom. It was nice to hear normal conversation, without anyone screaming and threatening to kill everyone. For a second, she could almost pretend things were normal.

Maybe this house was their house, hers, Isabel’s, and Ray’s. Maybe they were all just broke-as-Hell college students, struggling through their first year of classes and being away from home. That explained the general lack of food stuffs. Maybe Isabel or Ray would get a job at a restaurant or the school cafeteria and smuggle home food for the others to eat.

She would have joined at least a dozen different clubs, trying to suss out which were legitimately trying to make a difference and which ones were just excuses to hang out and get altered together. In the evening, the three of them would hang out and laugh and talk about their day and their classes. Life could be good.

Resting her head against the cool glass, Annaliese willingly lost herself in her happy little daydream.
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