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((Autumn O'Leary continued from Take Back the Fear ))

Autumn had been walking on her own for quite sometime. She'd left the "fun fair" as it was labeled on the map (not very fun from her perspective) and had set off wandering around. She'd just set off in one direction for the sake of not staying in the same place. Every once in a while she'd heard a gun shot or a scream but she wasn't swayed from her straight path to no where. Autumn didn't spend her energy needlessly, keeping a nice steady pace. She had more than enough food and water after taking the rations from three bags back at the fair. So she carried on at a leisurely pace, ate when she felt hungry, drank when she felt thirsty and didn't endanger herself by rushing off to involve herself in one of the many disputes she'd heard between her classmates.

If they want to kill each other, it's none of my business.

It was sunset when Autumn reached the key. She avoided most of the mucky swamp by sticking closer to the coast line while not going right in the middle of the beach. It would be a move of idiocy to just stroll along the beach with no cover.

Day 7. She was unhurt, well fed, well hydrated, and armed to the teeth. And all of it all on her own. She was doing just fine all by herself. All that was missing from the winning equation was sleep. She'd tried to sleep but it was rough going jolting awake to every twig snap. Autumn had Nik's gun on hand always, ready to take down anyone who decided they wanted to involve her in their hunting games.

Over the past days she'd heard the announcements. By her estimations about half the class was gone and dead. She couldn't quite figure it out. She somehow outlasted half the class just walking around and eating bread. Oh, and of course some girl had done something to her collar. Good for her, she supposed. But just as quickly she'd been denounced and had the whole island gunning for her. Oh well, those were the brakes.

The most annoying thing was that it felt like she was drifting along with no purpose or direction. She didn't like not having a goal. Other than the obvious goal of "don't die."

When she reached the edge of the beach there seemed to be a boat a little way away. Autumn walked up to it. It was a wreck. An idea struck her. She climbed up to the rickety boat and grabbed one of the old doors leading down into the boat from the cock pit. After a few pulls the door came off. It wasn't hard, the boat was falling apart as is. She threw the wood down to the sand and hopped off the boat after it.

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