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Isabel took the water and took a sip. However she was so thirsty that sip turned into a gulp and another gulp before she tore the bottle away from herself, panting. Her composure was briefly lost to desperation.

"Sorry," she said passing it back.

Isabel looked over at Annaliese as she left again. Another smile.

"She seems like a good girl. And hey, I'm not going to knock anyone for being too cautious."

Isabel looked between the pair. They weren't anything like the people she had just left, but she liked them. She felt a little bit bad for intruding on the duo. She also had to admit that she had been incredibly lucky that they were the ones to find her. Especially with the letters in her shirt.

Ray started talking about his time on the island. Isabel leaned forward with her chin resting in her hand.

"Really? Gassed and thrown on an island you say? Well that must have been just awful," she said with a spark of good natured sarcasm.

She listened as he recapped over his week spent on the island. It surprised her to know that he and Annaliese hadn't been together that long. She thought for sure they'd been like she and Dave had been.

"Sounds pretty rough. Bobby Barron, Neill Robertson," she repeated trying to see if the names sounded familiar.

"No, sorry. I haven't encountered really very many people at all actually. We were really lucky until yesterday. I woke up in the mirror house with these two guys, Roland and Dave. Dave and I split when there was a..... misunderstanding and we ran through the forest until we found a cheerleader and the three of us fell asleep in some bushes. Then we all walked around for a while until we got to the greens and met errmm.....Helen Wilson and Winnie and we slept. Then the whole group went to the river and that's where we found Liz Polanski right after she melted her collar," she explained.

"We didn't know what she did, just that she was hurt so we helped her but right after we saved her life, Danya came on the announcements and told us what she did and that we'd die if we stayed with her so we split. Personally, I think it was a stupid plan and she executed it poorly and because of her five people are dead and I had I known she cared so little about killing random people I would have considered stabbing her then and there," she said, her voice rising. She took a deep breath and calmed, starting again.

"But there's nothing to be done about that now," she said with a sigh. This next part would be tricky. No doubt the terrorists were listening to what she had to say about the station. "We got to a ranger station with a dead boy out front and we stayed there for a while until it became a danger zone and ran to the swamp. We were sitting around and trying to help this girl who we found, she'd been badly messed up, when Raidon started shooting at us. We all ran and I lost my group," she finished.

"One of the people I was with, Roland, he pretended to be hurt to draw the shooter away so we could have time to escape. He told me to look after the rest of the group but I got lost and I tried to find them but I ended up unconscious on your lawn, right?" she said biting her lip. "It's so weird being without Dave. We were together every minute from when we woke up until I lost sight of him. I'm really bad at this," she said, her voice cracking. "I couldn't even stay with them to make sure they would be okay. I dunno, I didn't use to really get attached too much to people back home but I guess they really got under my skin. And of course I screwed it up and now they could be...." She leaned forward and covered her eyes with a groan.

Mud splashed around her feet and overflowed into her socks and shoes making a disgusting squishing when she stomped through the soggy swamp. They were running away from Raidon who had opened fire on their group. To her left she saw Kitty keeping pace and Roland to her right with his sword at the ready. Suddenly her foot was caught in a gnarled tree root under the mud and she fell forward with her right knee and both arms plunging straight into the muck.

Oh god. I’m THAT girl. The one who falls!

A hand was at her arm in an instant and pulled her up from the mud. It was Roland.

“You, you stopped for me,“ she mumbled in disbelief. He hadn’t seemed to hear her.

"Isabel, we can't get far with them after us like this."

A gunshot rang through the air, close by. Roland's head snapped back and Isabel flinched at the sound. He turned back to her.

"Scatter, try to meet up somewhere later. I'm the only one with a weapon, I'll take off, distract them for awhile. Find the others, make sure they're okay. I know you'll do just fine."

Her eyebrows came up and her mouth parted slightly for a moment before setting firm.

“No. I’m not going to leave you. The other’s can scatter and get somewhere safe and I’ll stay with you and we can-“

“Don’t be stupid, Isabel. Get out of here. You’re gonna fucking die if you stay here. I’ve got this covered. Just go. Keep them safe. I’ll meet up with you all later,” he said sternly.

Her eyes became misty and she closed them, nodding her head curtly.

Isabel ran a few paces forward and then stopped and turned to look back at Roland one last time.

Roland motioned frantically for her to run.

“I’m on your team. Now and always,” she called out. Isabel turned quickly and sprinted away.

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