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((Tiffany Chanders continued from Later, Buddy))

It had been, what? A day? They'd stayed on the quiet, they'd slept, she'd had some more of that crap bread and water before changing her shoes. While the Gucci shoes looked good on her, they (a) were now covered in blood, thanks to Quincy shooting off Josh's kneecap, and (b) were giving her problems walking, being heels. The boots she was wearing now were a pair of black Ugg boots. Not only were they much more comfortable, they black meant that it was easier to hide any blood that would come - and with Josh's death and Quincy now a known killer, everyone was going to be after him, and possibly her by association. Now, Tiffany was just sitting on the ground, her back resting on one of the many tree stumps in the area.

"Tiff, I want to say sorry. I've dragged you into this. If you want to strike out on your own, that's cool. I get it. I'll even give you the rifle. But, I do want to say something. All the stuff about Felicia, that's over. Whatever happened at Prom, it was her decision. And I'm never going to find her now. I get that. And if you do stay, I'll protect you for as long as I can."

Tiffany turned to Quincy, unsure of what she'd just heard. "All the stuff about Felicia, that's over ..." For a moment, her lips turned upward.

Could it be? Could Quincy really be mine? This was good. Well, mostly. Tiffany would have loved to have the rifle, but there were two things preventing her from taking it: namely, she didn't know how to use it, and because Quincy had killed Joshua, as far as anyone knew. If she took the gun, she was in just as deep as he was. Besides, someone had to kill the people she wanted dead, and she certainly didn't feel like it.

Of course, none of what went through her head was what she told Quincy.

"Quincy, I don't know what to say." Tiffany got up and walked to Quincy. "But right now, you're my only friend. You stuck with me, and as your friend, I owe you the same. And don't worry about the rifle. If I had to use it, I'd probably hurt myself."

So long as you're still useful to me.
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