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Ray frowned as Isabel. "We ain't done nothing, yet. Eat." Isabel rejected the water, so Ray held it out again, with more urgency. "And drink. We'll find more later. Don't worry about it."

He watched as Annaliese walked out to "keep watch", and smiled as he looked back to Isabel. "She's a trip, ain't she? Girl's got her heart in the right place, but sometimes I wonder where her head is."

Then Isabel asked him how he got here. He wondered if he was going to make the smart ass remark, or if he was going to tell her straight. He compromised.

"Some asshole gassed us and threw us on an island." Ray tilted his neck, working a dry pop out of it that had been lingering since he'd taken the shower. "I ended up at the infirmary, met some guys. Watched some girls kill each other. First day of the rest of my life, you know?

We left there, then we saw some religious nut go ahead and kill another kid. Then we ended up on the logging road, almost got knifed by some kid who had lost his shit. We get separated, and I end up finding Annaliese. Well, after almost fucking with Kris Hartmann in the middle of a funeral, or something. Whatever she thought it was she was doing. We got down off the mountain and ended up here after that."

Ray sighed, nibbled a small piece of the bread Isabel handed back. "You can see a pattern in there, I guess. Honestly the last couple days have been the calmest since landing on this fucking island. Except I really need to find those guys I was talking about."

Ray's eyes lit up for a second, taken with an idea.

"Hey, you seen 'em, maybe? Bobby Barron, Neill Robertson? Couple of white boys who haven't lost their shit yet?" He thought that was specific enough. From the sounds of the announcements, grips on sanity were being lost everywhere.

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