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A friendly clown welcomes you to LOCAH. It seems he would like to be your guide.
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Yeah, that whole singing thing? Didn't last very long.

Fuck, Garrett did not like tunnels, not that he'd had the opportunity to know that before now, but very quickly it got dark and damp and colder and urgh, he would have done a lot of things to get the fuck out of there immediately, but there was that whole plan thing again. Except it wasn't really a plan. It was really head to the tunnels and uhhhh chill while Liz gets herself killed or something. Seriously, this was a stupid fucking plan and he was growing more and more irritated with himself for having gone along with it, for having insisted they left the mansion right then, because it wasn't like the fucking hit squad whatever was banging down the mansion door. They had time to think up some plan that actually made sense. This was just gonna get them all killed, probably. All the bravado and confidence and lack of fucks given about his own life were thrown out the window in the dark of the tunnel.

On the other hand, he couldn't just leave, because Garrett was a lot of things but he was not a fucking pussy. Besides, whatever went down down here, he wanted to be here for it. It had to be pretty extreme if Liz was pretty much throwing away her life for it.

They were rushing for a while, down into the tunnel, away from the light, Liz was out of sight, Belle and Jeremy fucking Franco (A discount? Fucking...seriously? This guy...fucking Christ.) were nearby, Brendan was...somewhere, whatever, he didn't care, he was getting uncomfortably claustrophobic, how the fuck was he supposed to know he was claustrophobic, he'd never really had the chance to figure that out before-

There was a muffled explosion.

And a gunshot.

"Goddammit," he muttered to himself, looking at Belle as the words "THEY'RE HERE!" came echoing through the tunnel. No shit they were here, not that knowing that helped them much. It gave them a good idea of exactly how soon they were all going to die (answer: really fucking soon), that was pretty much it. He hated looking to Belle for advice on what to do next, but he would be the first to admit that he had no idea what they were doing, and his giving orders would be completely stupid. God, a few days ago he'd literally rather die than listen to anything Mirabelle Nesa had to say. This was obviously some serious shit. He needed to get his memory back in short order.

Sounds like a bad movie plot.

"This way."

...Well. Alright then.

They kept running, the air growing colder as the night, Garrett assumed, grew darker. Fuck, this place was creepy as shit. Garrett liked to believe he wasn't afraid of anything, but this place was freaking him the fuck out and he kept fingering the trigger of his net gun. He hated guns but this place still managed to make his trigger finger itch. God, and the fucking death squad of horrible death was behind them now too, that was some shit. He'd seen the fucking helicopters, they were not fucking around. And they could probably pop their collars with the press of a button, which was some bullshit. Especially given that Liz didn't need to give two fucks about that, she didn't have a collar to pop. Then again, they could still shoot her in the face.

A voice came again, from further back.


His first thought was who the fuck is Carla Conners?

His second thought was shit.

Shit. Yeah, that whole collar popping button, that existed, and so did the massive guns he was so sure the death squad had, and they could easily all die here, and...fuck. Yeah, a cause worth fighting for was worth dying for and all that, but if they all died here, what would be left? Nothing. They all died here and everyone else went on killing each other and trying to win the fucking game and really Danya won, that was all that'd happen. Liz would die here, that was almost definite and he wasn't gonna waste any emotion over that; he didn't even like the girl. But they needed to live through this. They had to. If they didn't, what the fuck was Liz dying for?

"Hey, listen up."

Garrett stopped dead. That was an unfamiliar voice, an adult voice, and there was no way anything good was going to come out of it.

"I hear there's four of you left. Well, that's about to be three."

He blinked. Were there four of them left? There was him and Belle and Jeremy, and Brendan was...somewhere. Were they not counting Liz? Or was Brendan gone? He sounded freaked as fuck, it'd make sense if he'd beaten it-

Garrett Hunter, you have thirty seconds for HQ to tell me you're running down the tunnels to the other side of the mountain. Otherwise, you lose your head."

He froze.

Garrett Hunter was no coward, but he was pretty fucking fond of his head if he was gonna be honest with himself.


He didn't want to die. If that made him a fucking coward, then fuck it, maybe he was a fucking coward.


No, fuck that again, he wasn't. Dying now would make him a coward. Instant death. No more suffering. The easy way out. Dying a martyr.


He couldn't do that. Couldn't leave this game without getting anything done. Couldn't die without a few more scars. If it meant leaving Liz Polanski alone, fine.


She'd understand. She'd want this. The revolution would go on.

Not that he was happy about running.

"Fuck," he growled, looking back and forth between Mirabelle and Jeremy. "Look, we've got to get out of here. Dead fucking serious, Liz doesn't need us. She came here to die and she's going to and if I sound like an asshole I don't give a shit. There's more work to be done on this fucking island and who's gonna do it if we're all dead?"

He looked straight at Mirabelle now.

"Come with me. We can get some shit done. For real. Franco, do whatever the fuck you want, honestly, but Belle, for real, I think we can-"

The countdown was down to ten now; he cut himself off.

"Don't play hero. We've got better things to do."

And he dashed off down the tunnel. Pissed as all hell.

[[Garrett Hunter continued on the other side...]]
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