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at the sight that lay before him.

His look of confusion slowly twisted into a look of sheer horror at the realisation of what he'd done. It was...it was just so much like a blur, Brendan didn't even remember picking up the gun. What was he THINKING? He...he just shot someone, an innocent someone who just happened to wander across him as he freaked out. He'd put himself ahead of the curve, ahead of the game; how could he think that he was really out of touch with the game? Brendan always knew he'd screw it up somehow.

These variables weren't running through his brain at this particular moment, however. What was running through was something along the lines of "Holy fuck holy fuck what have I done?"

It took a few moments to recall the flashlight in his hand, and this was the thing that brought him back into reality.

The light hovered on the boy lying against the cave wall.

Steven Hunt.

Oh god, anyone but him...he didn't even do anything...

Brendan scrambled to his feet, the gun clattered to the dirt behind him as he got there as fast as he could. His flashlight pierced through, and Brendan was by his side so fast. Again, he was worthlessly just trying to figure out what to do, again he had no idea if he could even help what he'd done.

It's the drawback of being the guy with the gun, you have no other defining qualities-
Shut it.

The sheer terror on his face as he realised what he'd done could not be summed up by any words available to him, all he could manage was:

"Oh..oh god, oh shit, oh god, oh shit, oh fuck, oh fuck, Steven, I-I..." Brendan stuttered like a freaking madman at what he'd done, finally able to get some words out.

"I-I-I-I-I'm sorry, I-I di-didn't mean to, I-I-I thou-though you were w-" He tried to speak again, but he slowly realised the extent of the damage he'd caused. His previous wordlessness was equaled by the steady flow of blood pouring out of his leg.

There was no saying sorry to this.

What he'd done was...was...

Brendan shook his head of that train of thought, no way that could happen. People didn't just die from one bullet, this was the 21st Century, they had things to take care of this, knowledge, technology, he just needed to find someone, anyone who could patch him up but oh god there was so much blood and he didn't know how to stop it. It was like he'd run into Kimberly, all over again, all on his own. Was this karmic revenge?

"Steven, I-I-I-" he tried to start a full sentence again, but...Steven was finally talking.


He...how could he know?

Steven knew that he was travelling with Liz, somehow, he knew that.

...how the hell was he going to tell him the truth? Liz was as good as dead, or probably even dead, and it was all his fault, he abandoned her, he left her to the terrorists and god knows what happened to Garret and Jeremy and Mirabelle...

Brendan swallowed, but tried to keep a scared face on and eye contact to the barest of minimums.

"I-I-I don't kn-know Steven, I-I-I have no idea, I was...I don't know where she is now..." Brendan tried to mumble off another lie (another lie?) to Steven as he almost tore apart the bag, looking for something.

Gauze, bandages, medicine, a scalpel, dressings, clips, soap, tape, a mask, gloves...he didn't know what to do first, there was so much blood, what did he do, what did he do, no idea, no idea...

"I-I don't know how to-to-to do this, I-I-I don't know anything, I-" Brendan managed to make out before becoming lost in another round of heavy, exasperated breathing.

Can't let this happen, can't let this happen, can't let this happen...

Brendan cupped his hands around his mouth and tried calling out.

"HELLO? I NEED HELP, IS THERE ANYONE THERE?" He screamed out painfully.

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