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The bullet came into his thigh, ravaging and slaughtering away the flesh on his leg. It passes through it, severing his femoral artery, before exiting his body through a hole made the same way that the one it used to enter his organism.

Well, at least now I know how it feels like

It was the first words that crossed his mind as blood started to gush out of the wound on his leg. Steven collapsed almost instantly, his back laying against the rocky wall of the tunnel. Steven wanted to touch his wound, to make sure he was okay. He was no doctor, but a shot in the leg wasn´t a serious thing now, was it? Well, it would probably halt his progress through the island, make him an easy prey for the players, but with a little bit of comfort and rest, surely everything would be better...

There was no way he knew, but in ten minutes he was going to bleed to death, and there wasn´t anything that he could do about it.

He touched the wound the bullet had made when entering his leg, and instantly let out a groan of pure, raw pain. It was worse than he thought. Worse enough, blood didn´t stop of gushing out. It was almost like a fountain. It was already covering his pants, his shoes, his bag, his cricket bat, and the ground. He was lying in a pool of his own blood.

He let the bat aside. He actually didn´t care if the guy who had shot him took it, he already had a gun, what the fuck was he going to do with a cricket bat? He tried to think of a plan. He had to stop the bleeding. He remembered Aislyn. Bitch had been right, actually, now he didn´t think he should have been able to help her at all. He was not even able to help himself.

In the distance, then he saw him...

Brendan Wallace... fuck, I didn´t know he had it on him He actually shuddered at the sound of his own words. He didn´t want his own death to be a damned replay of Aislyn´s. No, he was going to survive. He was going to stop the bleeding. He was going to get help. He was going to find Polanski and then get the hell out of here. He was going to beat the fat bastard Danya was. He was going to...

Brendan´s face seemed contorted in horror at what had happened. Had it been an accident? Maybe he was just scared. A scared kid. Like everyone else on this blasted shithole. It had not been his fault. Maybe he had thought that there was someone after him. Everyone gets a little bit paranoid sometimes.

He was with Polanski. Steven was sure that he had to be with her. He was aware that Polanski had surrounded herself with a group of other people. She had to, after all there were people out there trying to kill her to get their hands on a new prize or just remove her of the competition. Maybe if he asked him, he would take him to Liz. Maybe he could be saved...

But in any way, the kid had shot him. That was clear as crystal water. Maybe sweet little Brendan had decided to play, actually. Maybe Steven was just the first one on his list of fatalities. Maybe...

Oh, just fuck it. It never kills to ask him...

"Eh,Brendan!" he called out, his voice fading out in the darkness of the tunnel "Are you with Liz...? Where the hell is she? Is she allright?"

Meredith Hunt had her head buried deep on her husband´s shoulders, not wanting to see the horrible fate that awaited their child. Eric Hunt, however, stared at the TV screen, speechless at all. The entire living room had gone silent, nobody was talking at all. All of them were looking dumbfoldy at the TV set, not wanting to believe that what was happening was real.

Jacob Hunt approached the TV carefully, wanting to see it more closely. It just couldn´t be true. No. His cousin was not wounded. His cousin was not dying. No. His cousing was getting well. His cousin was going to stand up. Steven was going to get well, he was going to get out of the island, he was going to get back home. And then Jacob could hug him and tell him he was sorry for all the shit they had put him through.

But no... Jacob turned around, and looked at the rest of the family, gathered there, watching silently the television. They all knew. Jacob himself knew. Even Meredith and Eric knew.

There was no way Steven Hunt was coming home

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