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These guys sucked at speculating. Clearly, they needed more practice. Bobby waved off the idea with hopes of peace, which Neill doubted very much. If there had been nice things happening, they wouldn't have closed the whole area off for two days. And Rachel also waved off the idea by saying that it didn't matter. Which was true, admittedly, but many things in the world didn't actually matter and people talked about them anyway. Speculating about what was going to happen on LOST didn't matter in the grand scheme of things, but it was something to talk about. And in the middle of some lonely woods where murderers might be hiding in the trees, they all needed a distraction.

Looking at Rachel as she stared contemplatively into the water, Neill shook himself, trying to stop himself getting distracted. They had been wandering aimlessly for far too long, they needed to come up with a plan, they needed to do something. So far, as far as he knew, nobody had successfully escaped, nobody had made contact with the outside world, nobody had come up with that one brilliant plan. So it looked like it was all down to him. Neill Robertson was going to help him and Bobby and Ray, and maybe Rachel if she stopped acting so weird, get off the island.

All he needed now was a plan. Which he didn't have. He joined Rachel in staring at the water for a couple of seconds, then looked up, and clapped his hands together forcefully.

"Right!" he said with an authoritarian air. "This has gone on long enough. We need to start doing something," Neill indicated the general direction he thought the sea might be in, which was a cheap shot as on an island they were surrounded by sea. Nearest sea. "I have decided that we are going to escape." He paused for dramatic effect. The pause continued. Neill glanced down into his lap for a second before looking up at the others again. "I did think we might try and steal the helicopter, but it's miles away now so I don't think we're going to catch it." Plus, we'd get exploded before we were five feet in the air. I don't want Sam to see me explode. Still, appearing that you might have known how to fly it is a good move in developing island cred. He paused again.

"Anyone else got anything?" he admitted sheepishly.
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