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In some cultures, what I do is considered normal.
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Annaliese nodded yet again, hearing Ray’s words but not really paying attention. His hair was totally distracting her. As Ray ran his hands through his hair, in her mind, he segued from Ving Rhames Junior to Sideshow Bob. It’s like his hair is eating his head. Welcome, Robert Underdunk Terwilliger, to Suckfest Island.

It was nice that Newcomer Isabel was willing to confirm that she wasn’t a dreaded rage carrier, but Annaliese still couldn’t shake the feeling that this little get-together was like the exposition of some horror flick. The main characters had unwittingly stumbled into a situation beyond their comprehension. Being the fine, upstanding character that he is, Ray selflessly helped the damsel-in-distress. A decision that would not go unpunished since by helping Isabel, he had accidentally exposed them to attack by the unholy hordes that were chasing the damsel. That the impending doom was just slowly building until it crashed down on them, intent on destroying them.

She silently eyed Isabel, wondering which of the two damsel categories the other girl fell in. Was Isabel the wholesome sacrifice who escaped from the forces of darkness and they were now expected to stand as a barrier between Isabel and a terrible, bloody demise in order save the world? Or was Isabel the unwitting scientist who blurred the lines between man and God and now her well-intentioned but inherently evil creations were looking to destroy her?

"Also my own fault that I gave the last of my food to Liz Polanski but what are you gonna do?"

That single line told her exactly where Isabel fell. Doctor Isabel would lead destruction to their doorway since she was in league with Liz Polanski. Great. Just…fucking great. Heaving a sigh, Annaliese tried to console herself with the knowledge that at least she knew what kind of evil she should expect to see coming.

Without another word, she slipped from the room, leaving Ray to get the rest of the information. She had a zombie barricade to be working on. Maybe if she built it sturdily enough, she would have time to bring up the rear and follow Ray and Isabel when the inevitable blitz attack occurred.
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