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"Rage carrier?" Isabel asked. Her mouth pulled up into a half smile. It'd been a long while since she'd smiled. "Like from 28 Days Later? Like one of those really fast zombies? I wish. Then I'd just win this stupid game by messing up whoever I found with my rage-y zombie powers."

Isabel sighed deeply. "No, I'm afraid not."

Even when the girl went back to stand guard, there was still the hint of a smile left over in Isabel's face. It dropped when Ray offered her the bread and water.

"No, I really couldn't," she said looking sideways at the food. "It's your food. You probably don't have much of it left. And you've done so much already. I'd.....well, I'd feel bad. It's my own fault that I ate my food," she said.

"Also my own fault that I gave the last of my food to Liz Polanski but what are you gonna do?" she grumbled.

Isabel looked hesitantly at the food. She couldn't deny she'd never been more hungry in her whole life than she was now. Slowly she took it from him, glancing up at him every so often as if asking if it was really okay. She ripped the bread in half and gave the slightly larger half back. Isabel nibbled on the edge of the piece of bread.

"So....Annaliese and Ray," she said checking to see she had the names down, "how'd you end up here?"
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