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Ray was taken aback as Isabel tried to put some real estate between him and her, worried that maybe it was here that he'd finally fucked up and he was about to get killed because the girl had a handgun or some shit hidden in her clothes, but she calmed down, and he could breathe some of the air stuck in his lungs out. He could understand, anyway. Having a shirtless black man with crazy hair shake you awake wasn't a completely welcome thing to wake up to.

Ray waved off Isabel's comment. "Don't worry about it. I'd like to think somebody'd do the same for me around here, you know?" Maybe not. Maybe he was hoping for too much.

"Isabel? I'm Ray. And this-" he waited until Annaliese came back in with the water and the bread. "Is Annaliese." He took the water and the bread, popped the cap on the water bottle and took a sip before passing the bottle and the bread to Isabel.

"You're lucky we found you before someone not so decent did. Here. Eat. You look like you need this more than we do."

He turned to Annaliese, responding to her comment.

"Yeah, keep a watch. Gonna talk to our new friend here a minute. Cause she's a friend. And not a zombie. Right?"

As he talked he ran his hair through his freshly liberated hair. Need to find a goddamn hairtie.

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