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In some cultures, what I do is considered normal.
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((Sorry I took so long. I just go back from Faire. Make of this what you will.))

Annaliese pulled a face, feeling extremely uncomfortable about Ray’s decision to bring the potential rage virus carrier into their sanctuary. Sure, she looked harmless and, you know, not conscious but if there was anything that years of television and movie watching had taught her, it was that those that are helpless looking end up being the biggest threat to your safety.

She frowned at the unconscious girl who was now upsetting the vibe of their little Fortress of Solitude. “Yeah, sure. I’ll get her some food but I’m outta water. Unless, like, she can drink the shower water or you got some in your bag?” Annaliese let her voice trail off as she twisted her fingers in the hem of her t-shirt. Ray didn’t answer since he was busy with the newcomer, so Annaliese decided she’d just figure it out herself.

Moving with purpose, she sprinted towards the pile of their gear. With a few quick movement, she had gathered up a small portion of their rapidly dwindling supply of anti-lembas bread and a bottle of water from Ray’s bag. Terrified to leave Ray alone with the girl, Annaliese nearly fumbled the water as she climbed to her feet.

Running back, she skidded into the room just in time for the mystery girl to stare at her and announce that she was Isabel. Annaliese nodded, as if the name had some meaning for her. She had seen Isabel around school, in the hallways and such, but she didn’t think they had any classes together except for maybe PE and some brainless elective like maybe keyboarding? She couldn’t really remember and it wasn’t really important.

“Hey, I guess.” Looking down at the objects in her hand, she remembered why she had left Ray alone with Isabel. “Oh, um, yeah. Here,” she said, lamely holding out the objects to Ray. “Since you’re sure she’s not a rage carrier or anything, I guess I should go back to keeping watch? I guess?”
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