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Can you hear me?
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((Hey, guess what? IT'S THAT TIME AGAIN. That's right, avoiding inactivity! : D))

Well, it looked like everyone hated Jacquard.

The only one who didn't snark or yell at her in some way was Milo, who, as always, had absolutely no clue. Instead, he simply asked if they could look for people at the gazebo, despite what Aaron had said. It was as if he shut his brain off whenever someone made little noises called "words" at him.

Aaron, however, went on some big speech about how Jacquard had probably sneaked up on her victim and killed her, and how he was the one with the gun. He was acting like he was the Big Sheriff Chief In Charge of Murderland or something. Only law here, huh? And he basically yelled at her saying that he was protecting people, unlike someone they knew.

Heck, even though she still didn't trust DuClare, they just needed Jacquard to run off and they can continue with business.

But Jacquard... oh boy... Jacquard...

Well, she was firing back. Of course she would fire back. It wasn't a good thing.

She pointed out essentially what Aileen had been yelling about minutes ago. He had shot someone and left Lily behind. Not only that, but she was sneering about it, acting like he had simply lost.

What if she knew what happened to Lily?

What if her suspicions were confirmed and Rob and Jacquard did something to her and Richard?

What if Lily and Richard were gone?

What if...

Oh hell, that just wasn't allowed. She probably did something to them, and then was using it to goad them on. Not good. She was gloating about something might have happened to Lily, and how he had ran off.

What. The Flipping. FUCK?!

Without warning, Aileen grabbed the hammer and stood up, seething and gritting her teeth.

"... Get out. Get out. Go away. Fuck off, and never return. Now. I mean it!" she screeched.

God damn, she probably did something to Lily, and then danced on over here to gloat about it and to use it to bait Aaron on. Fucking bitch! Aileen wanted nothing more than to smash that hammer straight into her face as of that moment. Of course, a shred of conscience was still there, but she was quickly getting angry. Jacquard could go fuck herself, for all she cared.

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