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Hate, hate, HATE!!!
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The kiss told him everything, and yet Ivan still knew nothing. His efforts to cheer up Tabi had some weight to them, and she returned them in what was supposed to be a standard display of affection. This was all supposed to be so simple, which made him wonder just why he had been so confused. Suddenly, Tabi had grown so bold. She pulled away, just for a moment, and then she leaned in and had kissed him again. It wasn't a long kiss, but it was enough, a reminder of the kisses they had shared yesterday.

"Um...yesterday... back when you... d-did you?"

Ivan looked up to his weeklong companion as she knelt beside him, and he wondered just what the emotions behind her question were. He sat up to try and get closer to that face... closer to her in general, but she seemed to be turning away from him, trying to hide it as she had before in order to keep all the emotions from pouring out. He was once that kind of person once, too. He always tried to keep everything that he was thinking or feeling away from everybody else, and nobody had ever managed to tear down that wall if he didn't want to let that in. Until now, that was. Both of their defenses were down around the other, and with that thought, Ivan realized exactly what Tabi was asking of him.

"Did I mean... what we did?", he finished for her, trying to push himself up from his crossed legs to a kneeling position to match her height. His legs, weak with shaking, caused him to nearly topple as he forced his bent legs off of his toes and onto his knees. "When we kissed, you mean?" If only he could look at himself, he would see that he was every bit as red-faced as Tabi was. The chilly, breezy beach was now suddenly very warm, but from what, he couldn't tell. His own body felt overheated, but the sun would not be up again for a few more hours.

His arm moved nearly of its own accord to drape itself over Tabi's shoulders. When he did so, he felt the heat that practically seemed to be radiating off of her as well. All of this meant something, something which may have been flying in the face of the rest of this island's meanings. Ivan cared not for the rest of this island and the broken ties on it, if he could have the one that he had forged through fire. Tabi Gweneth meant more to him than he ever thought any one thing could mean outside of his family. He was willing to give so much of himself up for her, to the point where he had nearly given up his life a few times to save her own. Yes... he meant every bit of that.

His head leaned in... before either of them could say anything else, his lips had brushed against the side of her neck, his hand giving her far shoulder a gentle squeeze to get her to look at him. He was right there, ready to show her exactly how much he meant, even if he couldn't answer the question of 'why' yet. He, himself, still didn't know why this has happened, and there was no love for the island itself, but... but just her, that was different. One bright spot in a dark, murky land, one glimmering spot of intense warmth... that, he never wanted to lose.
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