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Both Andrea and Allen turned to face Roland and his companion the moment he called out to Bounce. "Where the hell is everyone coming from?" Allen whispered to himself, alarmed that they hadn't even noticed the two boys until they'd got within shouting distance of them.

Andrea, meanwhile, was not only concerned by how Roland and Dutchy had arrived without either of them noticing, but also the name he was shouting. 'Is that Roland Hayes? And he's calling out to... oh, it's Bounce,' she thought. "Just... just perfect," Andrea muttered sarcastically. Two girls into SOTF and a boy completely against it. And they were all about to meet up in the middle of the program they loved/abhorred. 'There's gonna be fireworks, that's for sure,' Andrea thought. She would have laughed at the irony of it, but she didn't know how Allen would react to a brief fit of the giggles. Probably would think she was crazy. Probably be right as well. And she couldn't afford to lose Allen, she needed him, dammit.

Andrea and Allen looked back and forth between the two sets of newcomers. A harpoon fell to the ground by Roland's feet, leaving him unarmed and looking a lot less like a threat. Neither Bounce or the other girl had moved much, only turning to face Roland. No weapons on hand either. Guess things weren't as bad as Andrea had initially thought.

In a moment, things became worse than Andrea had initially thought.

Something came sailing through the air out of, well, nowhere. "What the-?!" Allen cried out upon seeing the projectile, while Andrea simply froze when she saw it. 'Holy fuck. Holy fuck is that a grenade?' she frantically thought. 'Oh, oh wait, Allen's got the grenades, it's just a rock. A rock that's about to hit that blond guy-'

She blinked.

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