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When Annaliese was working on building her anti-zombie barricade, Ray was pretty much done with the shower. By now he was just standing underneath the water, letting it roll off of his skin, soak in his hair, let it take a week's worth of weight off of his shoulders. The sound of the water and the feel of it rolling down his muscles took his mind off of a lot of things.

All good things came to an end, of course, as Annaliese came to the door and told him that...



Maybe the girl had finally lost her mind in his absence or something. Ray killed the shower and hopped out, stopping long enough to put on his boxers and his pants before heading out.

"What, now?" He asked, but just looking out the back door he could see what she was talking about. There was a girl passed out on the lawn.

"Stay in here." He said, and swung open the sliding door. He headed out, slowly at first, to get a closer look.

The girl had fallen facedown, so Ray gently pushed her over to her back. She was Hispanic, probably one of the countless people he'd seen in the hallways. She looked out nearly cold.

"Hey." He poked her with his foot. She didn't move. She didn't look like she had weapons either.

"You goddamn lucky, you know that?" Ray muttered, and bent down to pick the girl up. She was more solidly built than Annaliese, and she was dead weight, so it was a little more difficult, but Ray participated in a sport where one regularly picked up other guys. He tried to make sure the girl's rather short skirt stayed down as he had her over his shoulder like a sack of grain.

He carried her back to the house and shut the door behind him with his free hand.

"Get some of the food and water we got left. I don't think she's a zombie. Just half-dead." He said to Annaliese, and proceeded to carry the girl to the house's bedroom. There was a twin in the room, and Ray set the girl down on it.

Since it would've been hard to get this girl to eat something while unconscious, Ray set about waking her up. He grabbed her shoulders, started shaking gently. "Hey, wake up."

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